Summer Vacation Tips

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Taking a Break in Your Own City

Whether packing for a long journey or deciding to stay close to home, a summer vacation is a great opportunity to recharge your batteries. For many of us, summer means spending time with family and friends, listening to the sound of the surf, and breathing in the great outdoors. It can also be a time to explore and discover new places.

The Forgotten City Break

Tourists from around the world flock to New York City, but if you’re a local, your daily routine may keep you from enjoying what is constantly on offer. Take time out of the grind to see something you have that you keep putting on the bottom of the list. Vacation time in your urban backyard can breathe fresh life into your day-to-day.

Skin Tip: The New York heat and humidity can contribute to breakouts and problem skin. A spa treatment can be a great way to cleanse the grime, replenish the skin, and treat yourself to some seasonal luxury. Schedule a deep moisturizing facial or make an appointment to zap that unwanted body hair.

Great Escapes in New York and New Jersey

Going for a hike upstate? Relaxing on the beach in Cape May? Enjoying sculptures in the open air at Storm King Art Center? Short, local excursions can be a great way to extend your summer R&R. A series of weekend getaways can add up, packing some more energy into your reserves.

Skin Tip: Every dermatologist will tell you: applying sunscreen should be a daily habit, especially so when your skin is exposed to the sun. While many of us routinely put SPF-enhanced creams on our faces, we often neglect other areas of our bodies. The neck, arms, hands are just as vulnerable to sun damage and skin cancer. In the summer, when you show a more skin, remember to increase your protection against harmful UV rays.

Summer Skin Care at Advanced Dermatology

No matter where you decide to vacation, be sure to protect your skin from the elements. At Advanced Dermatology, our expert doctors can help you keep your skin in top condition. If you have skin problem or cosmetic concern, contact one of our New York or New Jersey offices today to schedule a consultation.

Fixing Your Post-Summer Skin!


All summer you’ve seen the warning signs about protecting yourself from the sun. As the season begins to wind down you realize you didn’t do as much protecting as you should have. Soon enough the effects from your unprotected fun-in-the-sun will begin to surface.


Sunburns are the least of your concerns!

Getting a sunburn shouldn’t be your only skin concern this summer…


Summer is finally here. Which in turn means lots of outdoor activities and major exposure to the sun! While it’s great to be outside enjoying the great weather, it is important to note that this great weather can have adverse effects to your skin. When people hear the term sun damage, they usually immediately think of a sunburn. But long term sun exposure can lead to a number of different skin conditions, some of which will be discussed in this blog post. (more…)

A Glamorous Month of June!

Our very own Dr. Kally Papantoniou has been featured quite a bit in the month of June on Glamour Magazine‘s online beauty blog site Lipstick.

From antiperspirant to waxing, Dr. P – as her patients like to call her, has covered some of the major beauty questions women have during the summer! (more…)

Your Summer Reading List

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This time around the kids aren’t the only ones getting a summer reading list! We’ve compiled all the recent articles our doctors have been featured in to help you stay on top of whats happening with skin care, cosmetic treatments and more!

Happy Reading!