Five Ways to Treat Damaged Winter Hair

hair-firnt-fun_242480542-690x518 Winter is bitter cold and zaps the moisture out of your skin and hair. When you’re faced with sub-zero temperatures outdoors and artificial heat indoors, the repercussions often wreak havoc on your outer-glow. Low humidity levels dry out your skin and hair and are difficult to supplement in the long winter months. Though there are plenty of creams, miracle pills and diets on the market which claim to work, you don’t have to go broke to look and feel your best. (more…)

Protecting your Skin During the Winter Season


Tired of itchy, dry and chapped skin during the coldest season of the year? The crisp, cold temperatures of winter siphon moisture from your skin, leaving your body feeling parched and chapped. Though wind, low humidity and frigid weather cannot be avoided completely, there are ways to protect your sensitive skin. Following a few tips and routines will add moisture back into your life and help you obtain healthier and happier skin.


The Best Seasonal Winter Foods for Healthy Skin


With the winter season approaching as of December 21, the most wonderful time of the year hosts frigid temperatures which unfortunately leads to dry, irritated skin. Lotions, moisturizers and serums provide a temporary fix, but what you really need is adequate hydration from the inside out. Altering your diet to include nourishing foods is a simple way to provide your skin with the hydration it longs for. These delicious foods boost your immunity and are rich in the vitamins, antioxidants and oils your body’s largest organ desperately craves.


Changing Seasons, Changing Skin.

How to protect your skin with the change from summer to fall.


After a sweltering summer, the cool brisk fall season is welcomed with open arms. With the new season quickly approaching, it’s important to talk about the possible changes our skin can experience, and the changes you should be making to your skin care routines. (more…)

A Glamorous Month of June!

Our very own Dr. Kally Papantoniou has been featured quite a bit in the month of June on Glamour Magazine‘s online beauty blog site Lipstick.

From antiperspirant to waxing, Dr. P – as her patients like to call her, has covered some of the major beauty questions women have during the summer! (more…)