Preparing your tootsies for the sand and surf should start well before it’s time to bare your feet and toes. Rebecca Sklar, RPA-C offers some simple care and cosmetic advice.

Dr. David Erstein, an allergist and immunologist working with Advanced Dermatology PC in New York, says people with asthma need to be better informed about when to use inhalers.

Warts can grow on the body with a rough and grainy texture. Angie Seelal, PA-C offers up some of her opinions on the best over-the-counter wart treatments.

The newly approved drug, in two Phase III clinical trials, 32 percent of people with severe alopecia who took 4 milligrams of Olumiant tablets had 80 percent of their hair grow back after 9 months. Suzanne Friedler, MD comments on this breakthrough.

If you use expired sunscreen you’ll burn more easily because the active chemicals that protect against the sun break down over time. “Sunburns then lead to photodamage and increase one’s risk of developing skin cancer,” says Angie Seelal, Physician’s Assistant.

Dermatologist Dr. Suzanne Friedler, MD, FAAD, says that one major benefit of tea tree oil is that it can help soothe inflamed skin. She also says that tea tree oil can be helpful to integrate into your skincare routine.

The FDA approved a new medication Olumiant for alopecia based on two double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials. Dr Suzanne Friedler, FAAD, a dermatologist sees this medication as best for younger and healthier patients.

“Retinaldehyde is helpful in fighting those early open and closed comedones, one of the earliest forms of acne. Enhancing skin cell turnover also helps normalize skin in the early stages of acne,” explains Suzanne Friedler, MD

The skin disorder known as melasma can pack an emotional wallop that raises a person’s self-consciousness and lowers self-esteem, according to Denise Gallo, APRN, a board-certified nurse practitioner in dermatology.

Actress Kate Hudson has the ethereal look down to a science, and it’s partially thanks to a super easy exfoliation step. Suzanne Friedler,MD, gives us the details on what makes Kate’s skin glow.

Suzanne Friedler, MD, board-certified Dermatologist says there are a couple of factors to bear in mind when deciding if your SPF moisturizer should pull 24-hour duty.

Dr. Cybele Fishman, a board-certified dermatologist looks at the best Benzoyl peroxide cleansers that are most effective for both face and body acne.

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