Dr. Cybele Fishman, a board-certified dermatologist with Advanced Dermatology PC in New York, shows us how you can get your icy relief and keep your skin happy.

“The right moisturizer for dry skin will bring necessary hydration while also providing oils for your skin so it can retain that hydration” says Cybele Fishman, MD

Cybele Fishman, MD has mentioned that leave-on treatments like these hydrocolloid patches may be more effective against acne than body washes.

It’s an area of your skin you’ve probably overlooked according to Denise Gallo, APRN, a board-certified nurse practitioner with SkinCare Physicians of Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Severe eczema doesn’t take a vacation — even when you’re traveling. Find out how to prepare for a trip and make your journey easier according to Suzanne Friedler, MD.

Severe eczema doesn’t just cause itchy skin — it can also lead to anxiety and depression as well. Find out how to handle the emotional challenges of eczema according to Suzanne Friedler, MD.

Cybele Fishman, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist narrows down your skin-care regimen to these five products for daily use.

Dermatologist Dr. Loretta Pratt with Advanced Dermatology PC with Tips for Treating Teen Acne

Cybele Fishman, MD, a board-certified dermatologist suggests a few products that offer great sun protection.

Brenda Mintz

Radiesse Demo with Brenda Mintz, NP

Radiesse is an injectable, cosmetic skin treatment used to fill specific areas of the face and hands. It stimulates your body’s natural collagen, filling in wrinkles long-term and helping your skin develop new collagen in the process.

Suzanne Friedler, MD, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist does not advise getting a tattoo while breastfeeding. Read to see the reason why.

“Liquid makeup can be as effective as regular SPF if you put enough on,” says dermatologist Cybele Fishman, MD.

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