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Plastic Surgeons Drs. Elan Singer and Joshua Fox With Advanced Dermatology PC Offer Tips About Upper Arm Lift Surgery

According to Dr. Elan B. Singer with Advanced Dermatology P.C., you don’t need to be famous to want to confidently wear short-sleeved and sleeveless fashions, especially in the summer heat, and an upper arm lift can help people achieve this ideal.

Roslyn, NY (PRWEB) June 04, 2014

Inspired by the toned arms of celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Kelly Ripa and Jennifer Aniston, upper arm lift procedures have exploded in popularity among women who want to bare their arms but have been held back by the dreaded “batwings” common to weight loss, aging or genetically loose skin, says Elan B. Singer, MD, of Advanced Dermatology P.C.

Known as brachioplasty, upper arm lifts – a surgical procedure sometimes incorporating liposuction – have increased by more than 4,378% since 2000, with more than 15,000 women undergoing arm lift procedures in 2012, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). A 2013 ASPS poll indicated the trend is fueled in part by heightened attention on strong-armed celebrities that also include actresses Jessica Biel and Demi Moore.

“But you don’t need to be famous to want to confidently wear short-sleeved and sleeveless fashions, especially in the summer heat, and an upper arm lift can help people achieve this ideal,” says Dr. Singer, whose practice has a particular emphasis on surgery of the breast and body. “

Adds Joshua Fox, MD, medical director of Advanced Dermatology P.C, “More people are becoming aware of the benefits of arm lift surgery and are seeking us out. (We were awarded best plastic surgery practice on Long Island in 2013.) They want to look and feel great and realize their options for doing so have expanded.”

What arm lift surgery entails

In a nutshell, upper arm lift surgery reshapes the upper arm from the underarm region to the elbow by trimming loose skin and fat from the area. The procedure may also incorporate liposuction to help remove additional fat. It’s an outpatient surgery that generally takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours to complete.

Who are optimal candidates for an arm lift? According to Dr. Singer, they include those:

  • At or near their desired weight
  • With loose upper arm skin that hasn’t responded to diet or exercise
  • Who lost large amounts of weight, often 80 pounds or more
  • Who are otherwise healthy and don’t smoke

The length of each incision required for arm lift surgery varies depending on the patient, but the procedure will leave a scar – albeit one on the underside of the arm that may prove barely noticeable six months or more afterward.

“While exercise can improve the upper arm’s muscle tone, it can’t effectively take care of excess skin that has lost its firmness due to age or weight loss, along with localized fat deposits that may be genetically programmed into an individual,” Dr. Singer explains. “People dealing with these factors may want to consider an upper arm lift as their solution.”

Complications minimal, benefits huge

Recovery from arm lift surgery occurs over days and weeks, and most patients will need to wear compression garments on their arms to minimize swelling and maximize the chances for a smooth, contoured result, Dr. Singer says. Most can return to work within a couple of weeks and will be able to exercise and lift heavier objects again four to six weeks after surgery.

While complications from arm lift surgery are possible – as with any surgery – a study in the journal Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery found that 95% of all complications are classified as minor, such as bruising and swelling. Patients can also help boost healing by keeping arms elevated while sleeping, limiting strenuous activities in the first weeks after surgery.

“It’s a trade-off: You have a scar, but you lose the loose skin,” Dr. Singer says. “Most patients consider the trade-off well worth it. The benefits aren’t merely cosmetic – they’re psychological as well. It’s great to feel self-assured in your own skin.”

For the people who do not want a linear scar but usually with less improvement, we have several non-invasive options: Thermage, Ulthera, Liposonix, all-offer no downtime with mild swelling. For a semi-invasive technique with no stitches the device is entered through a tiny hole, we have Smart-Lipo and ThermiRF, performed by Dr. Singer. These last 2 devices not only melt the fat, but they can tighten the arms.

Advanced Dermatology P.C. and the Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery (New York & New Jersey) is one of the leading dermatology centers in the nation, offering highly experienced physicians in the fields of cosmetic and laser dermatology as well as plastic surgery and state-of-the-art medical technologies.

Elan Singer, M.D., is board certified and his practice has a particular emphasis on surgery of the breast and body. Joshua Fox, M.D., is board certified and specializes in dermatology at Advanced Dermatology P.C., with 13 locations in New York and New Jersey.

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