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Skin Care and Packing Tips for Travel
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Skin Care and Packing Tips for Travel

Jet Setting Holiday Season Skin care and Packing tips for travel

The holidays are an extremely busy time for traveling. Whether visiting family or getting away for a little bit, it seems that once November rolls around everyone catches the flying bug. When traveling by air especially it is important to protect your skin from dehydration and outside elements.

We have compiled a list of things you should consider trying while on-board. You can also find some helpful packing tips!


  • It is very important to moisturize well the night before a flight; choose a thicker formula to increase your skin’s hydration.
  • Your hands should be treated the same as your face; that means you should keep moisturizing well into the flight. Pack a travel-sized hand cream in your purse– no one wants dry cracked hands!
  • Take moisturizing a step further on longer flights. Try using a facial mask while you’re still in the air – NO we’re not talking about the old school green facial globs! There are plenty of facial/sleep masks on the market that go on completely clear. Once the mask is applied take a nap, when you are up simply rinse the mask off and enjoy refreshed skin.
  • If you want to skip the facial mask, consider using a thick moisturizer or face oil.
  • Don’t forget a very important feature on your face – your LIPS! Like your face your lips should be protected as well. Don’t forget to throw some sort of lip treatment or balm into your purse before flying.


  • You should really try to avoid wearing makeup altogether when flying. This includes eye make-up like mascara or eye shadow. The last thing you need during a flight is to wake up from a short snooze to find make-up on yourself, the seat, or your neighbor!
  • If possible try not to wear foundation on the plane. If it is a must for you, make sure to prep and prime your face before. This means a good moisturizer and a silicone-based primer.
  • Consider starting your flight sans make-up, and just before landing you can apply as you regularly would.
  • PACKING TIP: Instead of packing foundation, try using a BB Cream, especially if you are traveling to places with a hot climate. The consistency of a BB Cream is much lighter, but still gives your skin a polished look.


  • Avoid touching your face, this really should be a rule everywhere. There are so many germs and bacteria, especially in a busy place like the airport, or enclosed area like the cabin of a plane.
  • Invest in oil blotting sheets. These sheets help remove excess oil from the surface of the skin. It also eliminates shine that can make your skin look unhealthy and greasy.
  • Misting Spray: Whether you have make-up on our not, using a misting a spray will help refresh your skin and keep it looking polished.
    SHOPPING TIP: Try Evian Mineral Water Spray or Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater


  • This means DRINK UP! Avoid drinking: Coffee, sodas, and alcohol and opt for water or tea.


  • Remember you can’t pack it all, but skin care products are very important. A major part of a skin care routine is consistency, so it is important to keep up your regimen while on vacation. You wouldn’t want to potentially irritate your skin with harsh hotel soaps.
  • Packing Must Haves (of course there are more): Face Cleanser, Make-up Remover Wipes, a good moisturizer (for both your face and body –finding a multi-purpose moisturizer would be perfect!), and an SPF.
  • If you want to take your favorite products with you, but there is just not enough room, or it comes in a heavy jar or bottle – create your own travel size products. Your local drugstore should mostly likely have light weight plastic bottles and jars that you can fill with your products at home. Don’t worry – your skin won’t have to miss out on anything.

Where ever you do find yourself this holiday season, remember…

Be safe and have fun - Passport

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