Stop blaming your dry skin on the weather (there’s another culprit!)

Stop blaming your dry skin on the weather (there’s another culprit!)

Every winter, it’s inevitable — dry skin despite loads of moisturizer.

Naturally, blame falls on the cold. Frigid temperatures can’t be good for sensitive skin, right? We reached out to Dr. Whitney Bowe, an expert dermatologist, to shed some light on winter skincare.

“Ironically, the heat indoors is more often to blame for your dry skin than is the cold outside!” Bowe said. “Dry heat radiating from central heating systems and space heaters can strip the skin of moisture during the day, and forces the water in your skin to evaporate all night long.”

Her solution? Get a humidifier for your bedroom.

“The added humidity in the air will repair your thirsty skin all night long and help your moisturizer penetrate better while you sleep,” she said.

Bowe swears by heavy-duty moisturizer Lubriderm during winter.

“Their lotions leave a clean, non-greasy feel and I love that they have a variety of formulas for different skin types.”

When it comes to switching up your skincare routine for winter, Bowe says it’s safe to drop the toners and astringents, which can redden and dry out skin. Stick to retinol-packing serums and moisturizers.

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