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Does Growing Older Mean Looking Older?

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Does Growing Older Mean Looking Older?

Stop! Before you read any further… sit down and take a long look in the mirror. Ask yourself this one simple question, “Does my face and skin look older than the way I really feel?” If you answered “yes” to this question, you are probably among millions of women in today’s society that are constantly striving for a more youthful looking appearance.

As our body grows older, we begin to notice certain changes in our skin. It becomes dry and sun-damaged, and growths and spots may appear. Some changes are natural and harmless while others are annoying and psychologically painful. Is there anything out there that can help us keep that youthful look? Dr. Joshua L. Fox, Director of Advanced Dermatology’s Skin Laser Center in Queens, says that the aging process is natural but, by utilizing the latest techniques in laser technology and using creams and peels, we can turn the clocks back a few years.

“In addition to treating wrinkles and age spots, lasers are used to treat stretch marks, birthmarks, broken blood vessels, warts, scars, tattoos and many other skin lesions and discoloration. It is amazing how many people walk around with these conditions not realizing that there are simple techniques out there that can help,” says Dr. fox.

Each year, billions of dollars are spent on over-the-counter medications and creams that promise to reduce the signs of aging. Unfortunately, most women experience little to no results with these products. Plastic surgery was once the only solution for wiping away wrinkles and we were told that there was no treatment for stretch marks caused by pregnancy, exercise or weight gain. Lasers now make it possible to treat not only medical but also cosmetic conditions,

What is laser therapy and how does it work? Lasers are instruments that produce powerful beams of various colored light. The color of the light and the type of laser used is dependent upon the individual skin condition.

How many treatments will it require? Some conditions, such as broken facial blood vessels, age spots and wrinkles around the lips, require only one treatment. Other conditions such as tattoos, stretch marks and birthmarks may take several visits. “People are always amazed to see their broken blood vessels and wrinkles disappear immediately before their eyes,” says Dr. Fox.

How long does the procedure take? Many patients are happy to know that laser treatment takes only 5-10 minutes! Patients can usually return to work the same day.

Does it hurt? Some people describe the laser as feeling like a rubber band snapping against the skin. Each pulse of the laser treats an area as big as the size of a pencil eraser.

How much will it cost? Most insurances are accepted for medically indicated procedures and surprisingly, cosmetic problems usually cost only a couple of hundred dollars.

With all this technology, it’s a shame that so many people are unaware that these unsightly marks can be removed. If you know a friend that is embarrassed by warts, moles, an old tattoo or any signs of aging let them know that there are alternatives out there. Have them see a dermatologist that is equipped to treat these conditions, they’ll thank you for it.

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