Lasers Aint Just For Luke Skywalker Anymore

Lasers are revolutionizing cosmetic surgery, but not all offices are equipped with them. The conversion (electrical/gas energy into light) hardware is expensive and old procedures are still offered. But Dr. Joshua Fox, Director of Advanced Dermatology and pioneer in laser therapy for stretch marks, believe in making the latest technology available to all people and has added a Skin Laser Center to his medical practice. There, are offices in Manhattan, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk with eight lasers and ten doctors.

Laser stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It focuses a powerful beam of light to a specific area without affecting nearby tissue. Delicate areas around the lips and eyes can be rejuvenated safely. Deep creases around the mouth and between the eyebrows can be softened or removed. Acne scars and some surgical scars can be minimized or even eliminated. The surface of the skin is freshened, revitalized and restored, revealing a new layer underneath while stimulating skin renewal for a softer, silkier and smoother appearance.

By age 30, many people begin to notice tiny, spidery blood vessels or reddened areas on their cheeks and noses. “Dilated capillaries,” explains Dr. Lance Barazani, an Associate Director of Advanced Dermatology. “Generally they are nothing to worry about, but they can be an aesthetic problem.”

Until recently, dermatologists removed dilated capillaries with a fine electrical needle. Now the patient has a choice.

Most dermatologists agree the vascular lasers offer more effective treatment. In fact, most believe that the laser improves on the treatment it replaces. Because of cost and training, however, only a small number of doctors use it.

“Is there a down side,” one questions. Not very much of one. The face can’t be washed for seven to ten days, and for one month to possibly six, some pinkness remains-but that’s easily covered by makeup.

“I had a little redness in the beginning, but used warm compressed and Vaseline,” says Mrs. O., a 74-year-old physician’s wife who kept her age a secret. “Now everyone says I look like I’m 55.” She just smiles. “I look absolutely gorgeous. Before, I looked like an angry old grouch.”

Attorney, Steven R. was tired of looking tired. Dark circles under his eyes added age and an aura of sadness to his handsome face. Then, in minutes, it all changed. His eyes now reflect the real man: Young, spirited, happy with life. And people respond to that. “Great job,” he says.

In a gentle way (at most the sensation is akin to a rubber band snapping against the skin), the laser allows the physician to become an artist, choosing from a palette of procures to recapture some of the softness and radiance of youth. With a delicate touch, once beautiful skin is restored.

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