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BEAUTY: SPIDER VEINS: DEALING WITH A WEB OF TROUBLE ON YOUR FACE. Dr. Joshua Fox, leading dermatologist in the New York area, and founder and president of New Age Research Foundation: “Among the many skin changes people notice as they age, one of the most disturbing may be the fine, red lines they begin to see on their noses, chins or cheeks, often by the time they reach age 30. These broken blood vessels or capillaries, also known as spider veins, or telangiectasias, are tiny vessels that are visible just beneath the skin’s surface. While not painful, they are often disconcerting since they can create large, unsightly red areas on the face. Sometimes people with these prominent veins are mistaken for alcohol abusers. Spider veins are caused by several factors, including aging, pregnancy, childbirth, birth-control pills, estrogen-replacement therapy, sun damage and rosacea. Fortunately, there are in-office treatments that your dermatologist can perform to remove these facial veins and improve your appearance.”

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