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Age Spots

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May 7, 2010 Age Spots

1. Beauty: Age Spots Can Be Easily Treated 2. Biotech: Capitalizing on Biogenerics in the Wake of Health Reform 3. Biotech: Charlotte Region is Hub for Life Sciences, Biotech Companies 4. Health: 50th Anniversary of the Birth Control Pill 5. Health: The Benefits of Self-Hypnosis 6. Health: FDA Approval of Dendreon’s Provenge 7. Health: Food and Beverage ‘Sin Taxes’ Not Effective in Fighting Obesity 8. Health: Gardening Ergonomics 9. Health: Skin Cancer Screening is More Important Than Ever 10. Health: The Very Words We Use to Set Goals May Ensure We Don’t Meet Them

1. BEAUTY: AGE SPOTS CAN BE EASILY TREATED. Dr. Joshua Fox, medical director at Advanced Dermatology and founder of the New Age Skin Research Foundation, a nonprofit health organization aiming to provide expert educational resources to the public and physicians: “Everyone knows it: Age spots on our skin make us appear many years older than our true ages. Age spots are flat, light or dark brown marks that develop on the skin as we age. They appear mainly on areas exposed most to the sun, including the face, hands, shoulders and arms. Often, once you start to see age spots, you’ll also see other signs of sun damage, including deep wrinkles; dry, rough skin; fine red veins; and thinner, more translucent-looking skin. If you notice any new mark on your skin, or if an existing mark has any changes in color or shape, your doctor will determine if it is cancerous or something to be concerned about. The good news is that most brown spots are not harmful and can be removed or easily treated to improve the skin’s appearance and make you look younger.” News Contact: Melissa Chefec, Phone: +1-203-968-6625 Website:

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