Help! My T-Zone’s Out of Control!

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I have an uneven skin tone: dry on the cheeks and oily in the T-zone. Moisturizers don’t seem to work; I just started using them two months ago. Please help.
—Myrka, Baguio City, La Trinidad, Philippines

I hate to tell you to race your face to a dermatologist as a first resort, but, truly, your condition could spring from a myriad of ills, including diet, allergies and stress. Without knowing more about your particular visage, your StyleSpy suspects you and your T-zone will soon end up at a doctor’s office. Still, let’s try to tackle your problem with a few common solutions.”The best type of moisturizer to use for uneven skin tone and dry-slash-oily skin on the T-zone area is a mild moisturizer with 10 percent glycolic acid,” says dermatologist Jason Applebaum, an associate at Advanced Dermatology P.C. and the Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery.Peter Thomas Roth makes just such a product, as does Reviva Labs. Or consider a gel-based moisturizer instead of a cream; gels, in general, are lighter and help fight oily skin.

You might also want to try a toner, if you haven’t already, to be used between cleansing and moisturizing. “Make sure to use a toner that contains micro-powders that will mattify and restore the natural barrier,” advises John Krites of the skin care company L’Bel Paris.

Another simple step that doesn’t require health insurance and a doctor’s referral: powder! Foundations and powders that are mineral based tend to absorb oil without clogging your pores, especially on the oil-heavy T-zone, Krites says.

If powder isn’t your style, there’s always powder-in-a-paper, aka blotting tissue. Oscar attendees live by the stuff as they troop down the red carpet, assaulted by klieg lights; in fact, Dior has been known to make limited-edition blotting tissues as celebrity gifts during the ever-sweaty awards season. If you can’t find them, Body Shop makes a lovely, Earth-friendly alternative. Stick a packet in your purse and pat away the oil as needed throughout the day. You’ll reduce that shine to a nice glow.

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