Fresh Meadows Center Uses Laser to Treat Skin Diseases

Advanced Dermatology, PC News Fresh Meadows Center Uses Laser to Treat Skin Diseases

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Fresh Meadows Center Uses Laser to Treat Skin Diseases

By Francesca Kefalas

The Advanced Dermatology P.C. and The Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Skin Laser Center in Fresh Meadows recently celebrated an open house for what it calls the most Advanced Dermatology P.C. and The Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery operation in Queens and one of the most progressive in the New York City area.

Dr. Joshua Fox said the center has seven lasers that are used for dermatological care, more than any of the hospitals and medical centers in Queens and most of the medical facilities in Manhattan.

“You really need to have many lasers for many purposes,” Fox said.

Different lasers are better for different purposes, Fox said.

“The trick is to know which things are treated best by the different lasers,” Fox said. Each laser has its pros and cons.

Lasers are being used to remove warts, port wine stains, age spots and other skin discolorations, Fox said. He said although some of these conditions are cosmetic and do not cause physical problems, they can cause emotional stress.

“It can affect people’s lives,” said Fox, who pointed out that a skin disease can be more debilitating in some ways than other kinds of illnesses.

“It’s immediately noticeable,” he said.

Fox said he has treated teenagers who believe they have severe acne and won’t leave the house. Yet, he said, their acne is not severe in medical terms, but severe psychologically.

Fox said lasers have also been extremely effective in removing tattoos. He and the other doctors who work at the skin laser center have been trying to develop the procedure for removing stretch marks, which they can eliminate at this point.

“We’re not just doing cases,” Fox said. “Were making observations and contributing to the research.”

The doctors also have been working on ways to treat children that are not as frightening as conventional methods. He said often a doctor will first show the child what procedure will be done on a doll.

Fox works with a host of other doctors, many of whom have specialties. The doctors have three offices: the one in Fresh Meadows at 58-47 188th St., one in Roslyn and one in Commack. He said there are about seven doctors who work out of the Fresh Meadows office.

The Fresh Meadows office has the most lasers, but all of the offices have lasers, Fox said, The lasers can cost more than $100000 a piece. Despite the cost of the lasers, Fox said he strongly believes in using them for dermatological procedures.

“Its the wave of the present,’ Fox said, “It’s not the future.”

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