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Choose the Right Laser To Fight Wrinkles

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Choose the Right Laser to Fight Wrinkles
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(NU) – If you have worked hard to protect your skin from wrinkles, you might be frustrated when they begin to appear. Although you can’t stop the clock, laser techniques are available to help maintain your youthful look.

If you are looking for an anti-aging solution, the first step is to find the best procedure for your needs. Sometimes, several different procedures are combined depending on your skin and personal goals.

The right procedure for you depends on many factors: your age, skin pigmentation, sensitivity, skin laxity and previous procedures. For example, people in their 30s might need only a simple chemical peel or no downtime laser resurfacing, but after age 40, they might benefit from collagen or fat implants. And at age 50 or older, deeper laser resurfacing and customized treatments may be recommended.

But one laser should not be used for everything, said Dr. Joshua Fox, medical director of Advanced Dermatology P.C. and The Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery a multi-office practice based in New York. Instead, lasers should reflect your skin type and be specific to the required procedure. For instance, someone with dark skin would usually require a different type of laser than someone with light skin because of pigmentation differences.

Some practitioners use one laser for multiple uses. If you are considering a laser skin resurfacing procedure, it’s best to find a physician who uses a range of appropriate lasers. Matching a laser to the specific problem reduces the risk of scarring or discoloration. Combining several lasers can eliminate wrinkles 70 percent to 80 percent with seemingly faster healing and better results, Fox said.

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