Let’s say you do go to the gym

.It’s early yet. Most people are still exercising like mad. But now lurks the spectre of that weird skin staph infection called MRSA, which can start as a pimple and put you in the hospital-or worse.

.Joshua Fox, MD, founder of Advanced Dermatology and a spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology, says MRSA is going to the gym sometimes, that is not urban legend.

.But it’s more likely you will get athlete’s foot-or tinea pedis. You can also get viral plantar’s warts on your feet from damp, crowded environments where you run around without shoes. So wear shoes or flip-flops.

.Even the Centers for Disease Control says wash your hands or use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

.Shower after you work out.

.Cover abrasions with a clean, dry bandage.

.Use a barrier such as a towel on shared equipment. Wipe off your own goo when you are done using whatever the facility provides.

.You can also spritz on some disinfecting spray.

.Just practice good hygiene. You know the drill. But now the stakes are a little higher.

.Avoid those killer “pimples.”

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