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Ultherapy in Westchester County, NY

(NOTE: All treatments are available in all locations. Westchester is given as a specific example.)

From Advanced Dermatology PC’s new location in Ossining in Westchester county, we are excited to offer the residents of Scarsdale, White Plains, and Briarcliff Manor the safest and most effective techniques to achieve their cosmetic goals. It is widely understood and perfectly reasonable that invasive cosmetic surgery is not for everyone, and because of that, Advanced Dermatology P.C. is proud to present to you Ulthera, a non-surgical procedure designed to tighten the look of your skin and restore years of youth to your face. This technology, combined with a host of cosmetic lasers and facil fillers, now allow our patients to look years younger without going under the knife.

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Ultherapy is so named due to its reliance on the use of the ultrasonic waves to tighten the skin. “Ultrasonic” or “ultrasound” refer to audio frequencies higher than what humans are capable of hearing, analogous to ultraviolet being beyond the scope of human sight. These sound waves are routinely used for medical diagnostic purposes, as the wave reflections off of various tissue densities is able to generate an image of the internal anatomy. But there’s something more to these wonders of physics. Ultrasounds, by their wave nature, are mediums of energy transfer. If the intensity of an ultrasonic wave is raised, the amount of particle vibration it can induce will generate substantial amounts of heat. Think about various light bulbs and how even ones of the same color can vary in how much they heat up a room or area.

With the specialized ultrasonic equipment we have at our Westchester office, we can target the loose skin fibers of your face and heat them into contraction. Perfectly safe and without the need for any chemicals, this widely-used procedure uses only physical stimuli to force the skin tissue to tighten and smooth out. Ulthera works by giving the body that slight push it needs to do its job. The heat generated by the ultrasound waves will cause an immediate change in the existing collagen fibers, but at the same time will also destroy old and loose cells beneath the skin surface. As part of the natural healing process, the body will then begin a process of sweeping them away and generating healthy and stronger cells to replace them. These newly fully-functional cells will synthesize more collagen, allowing for a more long-lasting result.

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The most common areas that our patients choose to have targeted are those of the face and neck. The results are dramatic, as you can see in the photos — wrinkles and sagging skin are firmed up, adding more volume and definition to areas where they are most visible. Why subject yourself to the scalpel and unnecessary anesthesia when you can have more beautiful, natural results with Ultherapy. Sessions take less than one hour, and only one session is needed! Targeted areas will begin to look better, fuller within just a couple of weeks.

Ultherapy is an extremely targeted and precise procedure. You can even choose to have it done around the sensitive areas of the eyes and mouth. Advanced Dermatology’s highly-specialized board-certified dermatologists will specially design an Ultherapy program for you, addressing just the areas where it is necessary and with just enough strength to kick-start the body’s natural reverse-aging process. During your consultation, we will find out if you are a good candidate for Ultherapy and in some cases will recommend to use additional lasers / fillers to reach the result you expect from the treatments. From our location in Ossining (Westchester county), we are just a short ride away from the towns of New Castle and Greenwich, CT. We have offices in other NY ad NJ towns – click here for a full list.

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