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Produced deep beneath the skin, collagen maintains the skin’s elasticity. As a person ages, collagen production slows, causing the skin to droop and wrinkle. Since the face is the most exposed part of the body, noticeable signs of aging often first appear on the face. Aging often leaves people with a double chin, “turkey neck” and other unwanted changes in appearance. Facelift and/or necklift surgery used to be necessary to correct such changes, although it was not always desirable due to its cost and the lengthy recovery period. Today, individuals looking to correct signs of aging can do so without surgery or scarring.
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Advanced Dermatology, PC, with offices in Roslyn Heights and elsewhere in the tri-state area, offers Ultherapy to non-surgically reduce signs of facial aging. It uses ultrasound energy to prompt the replenishment of collagen, which in turn refreshes the skin. Our board-certified dermatologists have performed many Ultherapy treatments, with excellent results. If you have signs of facial aging are considering Ultherapy, you will first meet with one of our Roslyn Heights dermatologists.

During your Ultherapy consultation, you will be examined and you will discuss your concerns with your dermatologist. Your medical history will also need to be reviewed, as Ultherapy may not be advisable for individuals with certain conditions. If you are an appropriate candidate for Ultherapy, your treatment will be scheduled and your dermatologist will answer any additional questions you may have regarding treatment.

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Ultherapy is performed in the comfort of our Roslyn Heights dermatology office. You will remain awake during treatment. Some patients may experience mild discomfort during Ultherapy; however, we offer ways to minimize your discomfort. Once your face has been cleansed, the Ultherapy handpiece will be passed over the treatment areas to stimulate the regrowth of collagen. Treatment typically takes between 30-80 minutes, and you may return to work immediately afterwards.

After Ultherapy, your skin may appear swollen or puffy; however, this will subside within a few hours. Some patients notice results immediately after treatment, although results continue to evolve over three months, as the collagen repairs itself. One Ultherapy treatment often produces noticeable results, but additional treatments may be desired, as it does not slow the aging process.

If you are considering Ultherapy in Roslyn Heights, contact us today at 516-625-6222 to schedule your consultation. We look forward to meeting you.


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