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Stop Excessive Sweating Ridgewood, NJ


In extreme heat, sweating cools the body down to avoid overheating. For some people, sweating is a constant nuisance, regardless of the temperature. Embarrassed of their sweating, they have resorted to only wearing dark clothing, changing clothes throughout the day, and other tactics to hide their problem from others. Many of these people may not realize that their excessive sweating, clinically known as hyperhidrosis, can be treated without surgery, with permanent results.
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Advanced Dermatology of New Jersey, PC, with offices located in Ridgewood (Bergen County) and Summit, now offers miraDry® to treat excessive underarm sweating without surgery, incisions or scarring. This state-of-the-art treatment method utilizes microwave energy to destroy underarm sweat glands. Since sweat glands do not grow back, miraDry’s results are permanent. For best results, two treatment sessions spaced three months apart are typically recommended.

Patients in the Bergen County area that are considering miraDry will first consult with one of our Ridgewood dermatologists. Your consultation will consist of a physical examination and review of your medical history. If you are a suitable candidate for miraDry, your treatment sessions will be scheduled and your dermatologist will answer any questions you may have about the treatment.

A miraDry treatment session usually lasts about an hour, during which you are awake; for your comfort, your underarms will be numbed. During treatment, the miraDry handpiece will be passed through each underarm multiple times. You will be able to return to work immediately after treatment, although you will need to wait several days before resuming exercise.

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There are few risks associated with miraDry, including a temporary altered sensation in the skin of the upper arms and underarms. During your consultation, your dermatologist will explain miraDry and any risks that may be specific to you.

Advanced Dermatology’s Ridgewood office is located at 1200 East Ridgewood Avenue, across from the duck  pond. For your convenience, we offer ample parking, as well as evening hours. To schedule your consultation, please call 201-493-1717. We look forward to meeting you.


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For the convenience of patients outside of East Setauket, we also offer miraDry elsewhere in New York and New Jersey:


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