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Non-Invasive Fat Removal in Queens, NY

Even if you eat right, exercise regularly, and are within the ideal weight range for your height, you may still struggle with stubborn sections of fat on your body. You may have considered cosmetic surgery but were wary of its high costs and extensive postoperative recovery period. Today, non-invasive fat removal options exist to remove excess fat without surgery, scarring, or downtime, and are not as costly as traditional cosmetic surgery.
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Advanced Dermatology, PC, with offices in Fresh Meadows, Queens, and elsewhere within the tri-state area, is proud to offer Liposonix. Liposonix is a popular non-invasive fat removal option to remove excess fat from the love handles and abdomen. It uses ultrasound technology to permanently destroy subcutaneous fat without affecting the surrounding skin and tissue. One hour-long Liposonix treatment is typically enough to produce satisfactory results.

If you are considering Liposonix, you will come in for a consultation with one of our Fresh Meadows dermatologists to find out if you qualify. During your consultation, your dermatologist will examine you and you will discuss your concerns with him or her. Your medical history will also be reviewed, as certain conditions may exclude individuals from Liposonix. If you are a suitable candidate for Liposonix, your treatment will be scheduled and your dermatologist will explain the treatment approach in great detail.

Your Liposonix treatment will take place in the comfort of our Fresh Meadows office and you will remain awake the entire time. The treatment areas will be marked with a pen and the device is then moved over those areas. Some patients experience minor discomfort; notify your doctor if you are experiencing any discomfort, as the ultrasound’s intensity can be adjusted. Liposonix treatments are usually done within an hour.

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After Liposonix, you will be able to immediately resume work and other regular activities. You may experience temporary swelling, bruising, or mild pain; however, this subsides quickly. Over the next 3 months, your body rids itself of the fat tissues destroyed during Liposonix, leaving you looking noticeably slimmer. After just one hour of Liposonix, most patients lose an inch from their waistline, which translates to one pants or dress size.

If you are interested in Liposonix, contact our Fresh Meadows, Queens, office today at 718-357-8200 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to meeting you.

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