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Sweating is the body’s natural cool-down process, to prevent overheating when exercising or in hot temperatures. While extreme sweating is perfectly normal in the aforementioned circumstances, some individuals sweat excessively at all times, no matter how cold it may be. These individuals suffer from a condition known as hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating.

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In the past, people with hyperhidrosis only had 3 choices:

  • undergo surgery, accepting its associated cost, risks, scarring and recovery
  • receive BOTOX injections that needed to be repeated regularly and are quite costly
  • accept the fact that they sweat all the time and only wear dark clothing, pack multiple changes of clothing each day, and hope nobody notices their sweat stains

Now, there is a new option, miraDry. Designed to treat excessive underarm sweating, miraDry directs electromagnetic energy at the sweat glands, permanently destroying them. Only two treatment sessions are required for lasting results, which are immediately noticeable. miraDry involves no incisions, allowing for a quick return to normal activities, sweat-free.

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At Advanced Dermatology, PC, our board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons are experts in their field. They offer cutting-edge, minimally-invasive treatment options for a most skin conditions, providing results that were previously unattainable without surgery. All our physicians have undergone extensive training in miraDry.

Our Commack office is located at 366 Veterans Highway, right near the Northern State Parkway. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, contact us today at 631-499-1200. Our office serves Hauppauge, Deer Park, Kings Park, Huntington, Ronkonkoma, Stony Brook, Smithtown, and all surrounding areas.

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