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miraDry Bayside, Queens, NY


Treatment for Excessive Sweating & Bad Odor

In extreme heat conditions, such as those experienced when exercising or in a hot climate, sweating is the body’s natural way to cool itself down and prevent overheating. Individuals with hyperhidrosis sweat nearly all the time, no matter how often they apply antiperspirant. Such individuals may change clothing constantly, refrain from lifting their arms, wear dark clothing, or even avoid social situations to hide their sweating from others.  Advanced Dermatology, PC, with offices located in Bayside, Queens, and elsewhere in New York and New Jersey, offers miraDry, a minimally-invasive treatment for excessive underarm sweating that does not involve surgery. Here are some questions commonly asked by patients considering miraDry in Bayside, Queens.

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Why do I sweat so much?

An overactive sweat gland is to blame for your nonstop sweating. This can be the result of other conditions, although excessive sweating commonly occurs in otherwise healthy individuals.

How can I stop my underarm sweating?

Traditional treatment options for excessive sweating include Botox injections to your underarms, prescription antiperspirants, oral medications, or surgery. Unfortunately, these options have drawbacks, which may include possible side effects, high cost, or the need to be repeated frequently.

Are there any other options for my sweating?

miraDry is a relatively new option to treat excessive underarm sweating without surgery and offers lasting results.

How does miraDry work?

miraDry uses electromagnetic energy to permanently eliminate underarm sweat glands.

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Where is Advanced Dermatology’s Bayside office?

Advanced Dermatology’s Bayside office is located at 73-08 Springfield Boulevard, off 73rd Avenue. We serve Oakland Gardens, Douglaston, Little Neck, Queens Village, Bay Terrace, and other surrounding neighborhoods.

Am I candidate for miraDry?

To find out whether miraDry is right for you, a consultation with one of our Bayide dermatologists will be necessary.

Have Advanced Dermatology’s dermatologists been trained in miraDry?

Our Bayside dermatologists have been thoroughly trained in miraDry.

Which dermatologists perform miraDry in Bayside?

At Advanced Dermatology’s Bayside location, Dr. Troccoli (and in some cases, Dr. Fox) perform miraDry. Read more about our dermatologists here.

I would like to learn more about miraDry in Bayside.

If you are considering miraDry to stop your excessive sweating, call us today to schedule a consultation: 718-464-4109. We look forward to meeting you.

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For the convenience of patients outside of East Setauket, we also offer miraDry elsewhere in New York and New Jersey:


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