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Everyone desires smooth, clear, youthful skin. The skin is a major aspect of a person’s appearance, and acne scars, sun damage, uneven skin tone, and fine lines can ruin a person’s self-confidence. The latest in fractional laser technology, Fraxel laser resurfacing treatment can help fix reduce the visibility of imperfections and reverse mild to moderate skin damage.

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Fraxel is an FDA-approved, non-surgical skin treatment system that uses many laser microbeams to remove damaged skin cells from the surface of the skin while jointly stimulating new collagen production from the deeper dermis layer. The adjustable laser microbeams administer energy in a random pattern upon the skin, thus only removing damaged skin cells. By fractionally only affecting about 20% of skin cells with the laser, healthy skin is left intact to support the healing process and produce new collagen. Fraxel balances the high effectiveness of laser treatments while remaining minimally invasive with shorter recovery times and fewer side effects. Fraxel has been shown to be effective on all skin types, from fair to dark, and has been used on sensitive skin as well; it is safe for treatment upon even the delicate skin of the face, neck, chest, hands, and arms.

An hour prior to the non-surgical procedure, an experienced dermatologist with Advanced Dermatology will cleanse the skin and apply a topical cream to numb the treatment area. Then, a special blue-tinted gel is applied to the treatment area to better guide the laser around the contours of the skin. The Fraxel laser will then be applied to the treatment area; the microbeams isolate and target damaged skin cells, while leaving neighboring healthy skin cells untouched. Most patients experience minor discomfort, but no anesthesia is required. Treatment generally lasts about a half hour, but may vary depending upon the patient’s skin type.

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Following the procedure, common side effects include several days of slight swelling and redness, followed by light flaking. The effects seem similar to mild sunburn. Many patients can return to daily activities immediately following treatment, exercising care to wear sunscreen and wear protective clothing. The resurfaced epidermis will show a noticeable improvement in discoloration and pigmentation within 24 hours. Because Fraxel also stimulates new collagen growth, more dramatic results with youthful looking skin will surface two to three months post-treatment. Though a single treatment may be enough to produce results, depending upon the severity of a patient’s concern, the dermatologist may recommend further procedures to obtain the desired results.

Contact the dermatologists at Advanced Dermatology today to learn how Fraxel can rejuvenate your skin. There are multiple clinics throughout the New York and New Jersey area, including Westchester County and Summit, NJ.

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