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Fraxel in Westchester County


(NOTE: All treatments are available in all locations. Westchester is given as a specific example.)

Skin damage is a natural part of life. As long as we are not immune to the effects of genetics, hormones, bacteria, and the sun, we are also susceptible to the ensuing skin damage. Often this damage becomes an aesthetic issue, especially for women and men over the age of 30. Advanced Dermatology P.C. in Ossining, NY serves patients from Westcheter County and other our locations work with people in other parts of the tri-state area o improving and removing skin damage using a host of effective treatments, including Fraxel Laser, other ablative and non-ablative lasers and facial fillers.

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Fraxel Lasers are considered a huge step up in the technologies used in cosmetic skin rejuvenation. They combine the power and precision of traditional skin resurfacing treatments with the quick recovery times of more modest light (non-ablative) therapies. Using a series of rapid-firing beams from a CO2 laser, our board-certified dermatologists target very specific areas without harming skin and other tissues that should not be affected. In areas of scars or discoloration, we can target only the pigments or cells responsible and work carefully to give the skin an even tone and texture. At the same time, we will resurface the skin, removing any dead cells and improving the ability of cosmetic (topical) products to penetrate the outer skin layer.

Fraxel laser treatments are able to remove the dark spots that appear on the skin with age and unprotected sun exposure. Known as age spots, or liver spots, these areas are more susceptible to radiation damage. The heat generated from the lasers will also help to induce the catalysis of collagen, improving the texture of the skin while reducing any surface wrinkles.

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Compared to laser resurfacing treatments that you may have heard of in the past, Fraxel stands on a ground of its own. With only days needed for recovery and a handful of treatments (between two and five) spaced over a few months, your problem areas will be completely taken care of. In the past, effective laser treatments required extremely high temperatures, which were be more painful and incurred a significant recovery time. In contrast, weaker lasers had little recovery time, but were also modestly effective and required countless sessions in order for results to be seen. With Fraxel, you can see results that keep improving after each session.

Our Westchester County patients describe the immediate feeling as similar to having a sunburn. Over the next few days, you will experience minor peeling as the skin begins to renew itself — cosmetic products may be safely used during this time to cover up any unwanted redness. Extra precaution should be exercised when being exposed to sunlight, limit exposure times and always use a sunscreen. Make the most out use of your treatments by being conservative with going out and wear a hat that will fully cover your face.

Fraxel is non-invasive, non-chemical, and an increasingly common procedure for people looking to address problematic blemishes of the skin. Contact our Westchester County office today and we will devise a treatment plan best fitted to your schedule. We have locations throughout New York and New Jersey.

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