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Fat Removal in Ossining, NY


(NOTE: All treatments are available in all locations. Ossining is given as a personal example.)

Fat removal has become an increasingly popular procedure in the last few years, especially for patients looking to both slim down and have an easier time maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Excessive fat is not only a threat to the waistline, but can pose serious health issues when it begins to deposit around and invade vital organs. With today’s advanced technology, it is now much easier to target specific areas of fat with minimal risk of injury, and allow the body’s natural processes to finish the job. If you live in White Plains, Westport or Greenwich, CT stop by our Ossining office and discuss available treatment options with one of our certified dermatologists.

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Fat cells, known as adipocytes, are a necessary part of the human body. These insulating cells prevent excessive loss of body heat, act as an energy source, as well as important shock absorbents and cushioning agents for the core organs. However, when excess fat begins to develop, it begins to deposit in areas where it may be visibly unwanted — around the arms, stomach, and waist. As excessive fat is in itself non-pathogenic, it is not something that can be cured, thus an active effort is necessary to maintain the physical results of a fat removal procedure. It is important to have an established diet and exercise regimen prior to and after any fat removal treatment.

The most well-known surgical method of fat removal is liposuction. The procedure relies on a vacuum and a hollow tube to literally suck out areas of unwanted fat. Although very effective, lipsuction has a relatively long downtime. Patients may return to work and normal activities within two weeks, but complete recovery may take between several months to a year. The risks associated with liposuction are similar to those of any invasive operation. It is important to moderate how much fat is removed, as excessive aspiration may result in irregular and non-uniform body contours. In rare cases, there have been complications with liposuction.

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A more recent approach to fat removal was created by ZELTIQ, known as “CoolSculpting®.” This method of fat removal is completely non-surgical and non-invasive, using cold temperatures to freeze and damage fat cells beneath the skin surface. Over the course of several months, these fat cells will completely die and dissolve, trimming the fatty layers for a slimmer shape. With the process coined as “cryolipolysis” — literally “cold fat breakdown,” CoolSculpting is extremely effective at removing areas of fat that don’t seem to vanish even with proper diet and exercise. Treatments may last up to two hours depending on the extent and area. Patients will feel cold in the areas being treated, and there may be some minor swelling and redness after the treatment completes. Temperatures are carefully managed and monitored to prevent damage to any non-targeted cells. CoolSculpting represents perhaps one of the safest procedures for treatment of body fat. Another procedure, called Liposonix, works similarly to CoolSculpting, but instead relies on the use of ultrasounds. A third option is Zerona, which uses a cold laser to disintegrate fat.

Fat removal is not a cure for obesity and is not recommended for obese individuals. For safe, effective, and long-lasting results, all patients wishing to undergo fat removal should be relatively healthy with plans to continue diet and exercise after the recovery period. The body’s metabolism goes hand-in-hand with how active it is and what it ingests; if extreme changes are made to lifestyle upon fat removal, it is likely that the fat will return and redeposit in more areas than just the ones targeted in your procedure.

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