To live your life in the complete absence of acne is something nearly impossible to do. As the variables of hormones, the environment, and genetics merge together to define a particular manifestation of acne, Advanced Dermatology PC is available to help you address your concerns and minimize its appearance. While it is a natural and normal occurrence, the onset and persistence of acne can be particularly stressful and become an acute aesthetic problem for many individuals. There is no cure for acne, and there is no one treatment. With services ranging from topical and oral to more advanced laser treatments, our top-quality dermatologists at the new Ossining NY office (serving Weschester, Scarsdale and White Plains patients, mostly) are able to evaluate your acne issues and suggest the most appropriate regimen. For scars reminiscent of acne that has long disappeared, there are also treatments available to reduce their appearances.

The characteristic pus and yellow discharge that emerges from acne is the result of bacterial growth, further enabled by clogged pores. Bacteria naturally live inside, outside, and on the skin surface. When dirt and debris begin to trap bacteria underneath the superficial layers of skin, they begin to multiply rapidly without any area to expand. As the sweat glands produce more oils that have no passage toward the skin surface, painful pustules begin to develop, which, upon rupture, may result in the dissemination of bacterial colonies — leading to further breakouts. Standard treatments call for the cleansing of pores to prevent bacterial trapping. When the conditions are too extreme for these general-care regimens, more aggressive approaches are used.

Light therapies, which are, in essence, less intense lasers, can be used to sweep over and kill bacteria on and near the skin surface. This will treat a current breakout, but will be minimally effective on preventing further ones as new colonies begin to grow. In more focused laser treatments, the sweat glands themselves can be targeted and gently damaged to reduce the production of oil. Oral medications are not commonly prescribed unless the acne is particularly aggressive and affects larger areas of the body. Although hormones play a large role in the development acne, it is important not to impose upon the body’s natural hormonal processes — recommended treatments are generally non-chemical and target only specific areas.

When acne has disappeared, some unsightly scarring may persist for some time. To prevent further darkening of these areas, always use sun block when going outdoors, regardless of the weather — the sun’s rays act independently of how hot or cool the temperatures are. To reduce the appearances of surface scars, chemical peels and other types of dermabrasion can help. These methods continually strips the outermost layers of the skin until the affected cells are no longer there. For problems situated more deeply, a laser fractional treatment known as Fraxel can be used. Generally used for wrinkles and other skin blemishes, the Fraxel laser is able to penetrate deep within the skin surface and eliminate the cells causing the hyperpigmentation characteristic of dark spots.

Advanced Dermatology PC is a widely-acclaimed and growing practice dedicated to treating a large range of cosmetic concerns. From its upstate location in Ossining, NY, it is less than an hour’s drive for patients residing in White Plains and Scarsdale, as well as for patients further East in Greenwich, CT.