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Plumping Up Wrinkles

HA got its big breaks as a wrinkle-fighter in December 2003 and again last April, when the FDA approved
injectable Restylane and Hylaform, respectively, for use in filling in wrinkles around the nose and mouth. The big
advantage of the Restylane is that its effects last longer than collagen’s three, Plus, an allergy test is required before
you can be treated with collagen.

“It’s good for someone who doesn’t have a lot of sagging and doesn’t need a lot of volume added,” says Joshua Fox, director
of Advanced Dermatology P.C. and The Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery in Roslyn, New York and a spokeperson for the American Academy of Dermatology.”
And for some poeple. It provides a more natural look than collagen,” he adds.(Hylaform has similar effects, through it doesn’t always last as long as Restylane.)

Whatever your anti-wrinkle regimen,be wary of any HA cream or lotion whose label claims it can do the same thing for that an injection would. “They’re not going to reduce your wrinkles any more than any other type of moisturizer,” says Theodosakis “Using these creams topically makes as much scientific sense as putting your head on a dictionary to read it. The active ingredient can’t be absorbed – its molecules are too big.”

Those who want a safe wrikles-reducer with longer-lasting results than you can get from collagen. (It probably goes without saying that you should have some money to spend, since insurance companies won’t cover the injections.)
Find a cosmetic surgeon who uses Restylane a lot in her pratice, and plan for a day or two out of the public eye in case you do experience redness or swelling. Be sure, too, to stop taking Saint-John’s-wort, ginkgobiloba, or high doses of vitamin E before a treatment because of their blood thinning effects.” Many people don’t realize these cause more bruising.” says Naomi Lawrence, a dermatologic surgeon at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, New Jersey.

Aspiring can do that too, Lawrence adds, so unless it’s medically necessary, stop taking it two weeks before going in. Expect to pay about $600 per shot, but one is usually enough.

About 25 to 50 percent of patients experience some tenderness, redness, and/or swelling at the injection sites, but these side effects are usually gone in less than a week.

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