Treating Scars: Which Remedies Work Best?

Treating Scars: Which Remedies Work Best? (As Featured in Wall Street Journal)

A multitude of options exist for treating scars, from at-home treatments to invasive surgeries. According to Whitney Bowe, M.D., F.A.A.D., medical director for cosmetic and laser services at Advanced Dermatology, P.C., in New York and Ossining, patients are often confused when it comes to skin injures. As Dr. Bowe also teaches at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and Mount Sinai School of Medicine, she educated us on the cause of scarring and proper treatment and prevention methods.

Skin scars as a result of improper collagen formation within the skin following injury. Contrary to common belief, drying out wounds will not prevent the occurrence of scarring. Instead, Dr. Bowe recommends simple preventative measures already found in most medicine cabinets: Vaseline and a Band-Aid. If patients prefer, they may use Aquaphor, an ointment, but Dr. Bowe warns that moisturizers with multiple ingredients are more likely to trigger allergic reactions. To prevent discoloration, healing wounds must be shielded from the sun.

Aside from Vaseline, Dr. Bowe does not recommend other drugstore products to alleviate scarring, as they may cause allergic reactions, be expensive or not provide significant results. Depending on the extent of their scarring, patients may benefit from laser treatments or cortisone injections. Laser treatments, however, require multiple treatments and may be expensive.

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Brotox: The Latest Trend

Brotox: The Latest Trend (As Featured in Men’s Fitness)

For many years, women have been expected to age more gracefully than men, leading many women to seek Botox or filler injections to minimize facial wrinkles and fine lines. According to a recent study, this expectation has expanded to men too, as noted by a 258-percent increase this past decade in the amount of men getting Botox – commonly referred to as “Brotox.” What is responsible for this new trend?

In today’s super-competitive job market, looks are more important than ever, leading men – and women – to pay extra attention to their appearance. Dr. Whitney Bowe, assistant medical director for cosmetic and laser services at Advanced Dermatology, P.C., in Ossining (Westchester), New York, points out that cosmetic procedures today carry much less of a stigma compared to years ago. In addition, men today are more honest about their appearance-related concerns. Dr. Bowe adds that her male Botox patients gain a boost in self-esteem from their more youthful appearance.

Dr. Bowe would like to remind anyone considering Botox to consult with a board-certified dermatologist to find out if it is right for them. Men considering Botox should go to a physician experienced with male patients, as the results of Botox and injectable fillers vary greatly between men and women. Regardless of gender, Botox and fillers need to be custom-tailored based on each patient’s specific muscle mass, hairline and other unique factors.

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Dr. Bowe Answers: Can Coffee Fight Signs of Aging?

Dr. Bowe Answers “Can Coffee Fight Signs of Aging?” for Fox News Magazine

Most of us need that cup – or -two – of coffee in the morning to wake up. Besides waking you up, coffee may offer additional benefits. It is said that coffee can fight wrinkles, reduce cellulite and prevent skin damage. This opinion, however, varies greatly amongst medical experts. According to Dr. Whitney Bowe, assistant medical director for cosmetic and laser services at Advanced Dermatology’s Ossining, Westchester location, caffeine may benefit the skin, but not enough to add it to a daily skincare routine. Dr. Bowe mentions that although caffeine may break down fats and reduce redness, she has yet to encounter a caffeine-based anti-cellulite cream that is more effective than those without caffeine. Click here to read the original article.