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Eczema Treatment in Upper West Side, NY


If you suffer from dry, scaly skin, redness, and intense itching, you may have eczema, a skin condition that affects tens of thousands of people across the United States. This uncomfortable condition can affect a person’s quality of life. Although there is no cure for eczema, there are treatments available that can help you manage symptoms and avoid flare-ups.

At Advanced Dermatology, our highly trained team of dermatologists have extensive experience treating patients with eczema in Upper West Side, New York. Our goal is to help you learn how to manage your symptoms so that you can enjoy your daily routine without any unnecessary discomfort. To book a consultation, contact us today!

What Is Eczema?

Eczema is a skin condition that leaves the skin inflamed and irritated. Often referred to as atopic dermatitis, the condition is often caused by external irritants and allergies. While most children outgrow this condition, others can continue to experience symptoms in their adult years.

Other forms of eczema include:

What Are the Symptoms of Eczema?

Eczema varies from one person to the next. Flareups can also occur in different parts of the body. Itchiness is the most common symptom, however, others include:

  • A rash
  • Crusty skin
  • Oozing
  • Scaly and dry skin
  • Thick skin
  • Redness
  • Blistered skin

Where Can Eczema Occur?

Eczema can occur on various parts of the body. The location of your eczema will depend on your skin and the type of eczema you suffer from. While many experience the symptoms mentioned above on the bends of their elbows, the neck, wrists, ankles, or behind the knees, it is also possible to have eczema on the face, hands, and feet.

Eczema Treatment in Upper West Side, New York

If you experience discomfort or your symptoms suddenly get worse and hard to manage, it is essential that you book a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist who has experience treating eczema in Upper West Side, NY. Eczema treatment in Upper West Side New York depends on the type, cause, and severity of the condition.

At Advanced Dermatology, we use a wealth of different techniques to help people suffering from eczema. From creams to other topicals, medication, and phototherapy, we will create a personalized treatment plan designed to meet your individual needs.

Your Eczema Consultation in Upper West Side, NY

During your consultation, one of our highly trained professionals at Advanced Dermatology in Upper West Side NY will perform a full skin analysis to identify the root cause of your eczema. They will then develop a plan that will help target your symptoms while also reducing the risk of future issues. To find out more about how we can help you, book a consultation today by phoning our office or filling in the contact form below.

Additional Eczema Treatment Locations

Advanced Dermatology provides eczema treatment to patients outside of the Upper West Side. Other New York and New Jersey locations include:

  • Eczema Bayside, Queens
  • Eczema Upper East Side, Manhattan
  • Eczema Ossining, Westchester
  • Eczema Roslyn Heights, Nassau County
  • Eczema Commack, Suffolk County
  • Eczema Ridgewood, Bergen County, NJ
  • Eczema Fresh Meadows, Queens
  • Eczema Staten Island
  • Eczema Briarcliff Manor, Westchester
  • Eczema West Islip, Long Island
  • Eczema East Setauket, Long Island
  • Eczema Summit, Union County, NJ

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