Abdallah Khalil, PA

Advanced Dermatology, PC Specialists Abdallah Khalil

Abdallah Khalil is a dedicated Physician Assistant that embodies the spirit and vibrancy of New York City. This dynamic city has significantly influenced his comprehensive approach to patient care.

Initiated into the realm of healthcare as a medical assistant in a prominent dermatology practice in Downtown Manhattan, Abdallah swiftly cultivated a deep-seated passion for dermatological care. In this setting, he sharpened his diagnostic skills and developed a nuanced understanding of the complex relationship between health, beauty, and well-being.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to serve the medically underserved, Abdallah pursued rigorous training and graduated from the SUNY Downstate Physician Assistant program. This comprehensive program offered him essential rotations at inner-city Brooklyn hospitals, especially during the challenging apex of the COVID-19 pandemic, imbuing him with resilience and an unmatched adaptability.

Before joining Advanced Dermatology, Abdallah held a pivotal role as the Chief PA in the Emergency Department at a Level 1 Trauma Center in Brooklyn. This demanding position further underscored his dedication to exemplary patient care while enriching his vast clinical experience.

Abdallah’s expertise in dermatology includes an in-depth knowledge in general, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology, he is adept at identifying early signs of skin conditions, managing intricate cases, and staying updated with the latest treatment modalities. His care philosophy centers on a holistic, patient-first approach, ensuring personalized care tailored to individual needs and aspirations.

A proud member of the New York Society of Physician Assistants and the American Association of Physician Associates, Abdallah’s dedication transcends his clinical role. Passionate about education, he volunteers at SUNY Downstate’s PA program, shaping the future of healthcare by mentoring the next generation.

Beyond his commitment to treating his patients, Abdallah loves spending quality time with family, valuing the balance it brings to his professional life. Outside the clinic, he enjoys weightlifting, an activity that keeps him physically fit and mentally sharp, enriching his interactions with patients.

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