Cellulite Treatments

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Cellulite is a term that refers to a natural form of fat storage most commonly found in post-pubescent females. The change in skin topography is seen in the formation of skin dimples and skin nodules, which occurs mainly in the lower limbs, abdomen, and the pelvic region of the female body. This can result in skin that is dimpled or resembles an orange peel or cottage cheese. While most cases of cellulite occur in post-pubescent females, cellulite can occasionally affect men as well. It is seen most often in men who suffer from Klinefelter’s Syndrome or have undergone estrogen therapy to treat prostate cancer.
Various factors influence the onset and severity of cellulite, but it really is just a natural fat storage pattern in women. Changes in metabolism as a result of extreme dieting, hormonal and genetic influences, and the lifestyle of a person can all exacerbate the appearance of cellulite.  Hormonal factors seem to have quite a strong influence on the occurrence of cellulite. Some of the hormones that have been determined to assist cellulite formation are estrogen (strongest impact), insulin, prolactin, adrenaline, nor-adrenaline, and thyroid. Diet also plays a role in the onset and severity of cellulite. A properly balanced diet combined with physical exercise may help to reduce cellulite. A person with a stressful lifestyle may be more likely to suffer from cellulite, which can worsen if not addressed early on.


Cellfina Treatment for Cellulite

Cellfina is the newest treatment for cellulite now available at Advanced Dermatology, P.C. in New York and New Jersey. Cellfina treats the underlying cause of cellulite by manually cutting the fibrous bands that form dimples on the buttocks and thighs. While it will not treat the “cottage-cheese” cellulite, it very effectively treats dimples. Current study results show effects lasting two years. To learn more about Cellfina check out our page here or call our cosmetic concierge to schedule your consultation at 1-855-793-2868.



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