Why Vitamin C is a Skin Care Superhero

Advanced Dermatology, PC Blog Why Vitamin C is a Skin Care Superhero

With vitamin C, you can work some skincare magic. From uneven skin tone and rough texture to fine lines and acne scars, if you’ve got a skin texture problem, there’s a good chance that Vitamin C may be helpful to you.

But how does Vitamin C work? Is the brilliant, younger-looking skin because of the same ingredients found in your morning orange juice?

What does Vitamin C do, anyway?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. It can help your skin’s natural regeneration process by repairing damage from UV rays, pollution, or other sources of damage. Just like taking Vitamin C supplements can support your immune system, topical Vitamin C can support your skin’s outer health, too – and that includes fighting possible causes of skin cancer.

It’s also powerfully acidic, which can help promote faster production of collagen and elastin, making Vitamin C a great choice for anti-aging. And another benefit? It inhibits melanin production, so for sufferers of dark spots, Vitamin C can be the answer to your problems.

So how do I add Vitamin C to my skincare routine?

The most powerful form of Vitamin C is ascorbic acid, so check the labels of your skincare products to see if it’s listed as an active ingredient. You may already be using it because it’s a popular ingredient in skin creams, toners, and serums.

If you’re looking for the strongest possible Vitamin-C punch, opt for a serum that’s been mixed with Vitamin E. Vitamin E works with Vitamin C so well that it can be like doubling the antioxidant benefits against free radical damage.

Just like with retinol, you’ll want to start slowly when using a Vitamin C serum. Let your skin adjust by starting with just a few drops of the serum, and gradually add more as your skin adjusts to the amount of product you’re using. Beginners should look for a serum of around 5% concentration to keep from using too much!

Who can use Vitamin C?

Almost everyone could benefit from the use of a Vitamin C product, but keep an eye on your product sensitivities. If you have sensitive skin, you should use the lowest possible concentration and watch for breakouts or redness. There are also a few people who are unlucky enough to be allergic, so make sure you ask your dermatologist before you start use.

Wondering if you’re ready for a Vitamin C product? Get in contact with us today for a free consultation. Your dermatologist can give you valuable insight into your skin’s individual needs, and help you choose a product to get the best skin possible!

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