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Why Vitamin C is a Skin Care Superhero
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Why Vitamin C is a Skin Care Superhero
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox on October 4, 2021

With vitamin C, you can work some skincare magic. From uneven skin tone and rough texture to fine lines and acne scars, if you’ve got a skin texture problem, there’s a good chance that Vitamin C may be helpful to you.

But how does Vitamin C work? Is the brilliant, younger-looking skin because of the same ingredients found in your morning orange juice?

What does Vitamin C do, anyway?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. It can help your skin’s natural regeneration process by repairing damage from UV rays, pollution, or other sources of damage. Just like taking Vitamin C supplements can support your immune system, topical Vitamin C can support your skin’s outer health, too – and that includes fighting possible causes of skin cancer.

It’s also powerfully acidic, which can help promote faster production of collagen and elastin, making Vitamin C a great choice for anti-aging. And another benefit? It inhibits melanin production, so for sufferers of dark spots, Vitamin C can be the answer to your problems.

So how do I add Vitamin C to my skincare routine?

The most powerful form of Vitamin C is ascorbic acid, so check the labels of your skincare products to see if it’s listed as an active ingredient. You may already be using it because it’s a popular ingredient in skin creams, toners, and serums.

If you’re looking for the strongest possible Vitamin-C punch, opt for a serum that’s been mixed with Vitamin E. Vitamin E works with Vitamin C so well that it can be like doubling the antioxidant benefits against free radical damage.

Just like with retinol, you’ll want to start slowly when using a Vitamin C serum. Let your skin adjust by starting with just a few drops of the serum, and gradually add more as your skin adjusts to the amount of product you’re using. Beginners should look for a serum of around 5% concentration to keep from using too much!

Who can use Vitamin C?

Almost everyone could benefit from the use of a Vitamin C product, but keep an eye on your product sensitivities. If you have sensitive skin, you should use the lowest possible concentration and watch for breakouts or redness. There are also a few people who are unlucky enough to be allergic, so make sure you ask your dermatologist before you start use.

Wondering if you’re ready for a Vitamin C product? Get in contact with us today for a free consultation. Your dermatologist can give you valuable insight into your skin’s individual needs, and help you choose a product to get the best skin possible!

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