Which Tattoo Colors can be Effectively Removed?

Advanced Dermatology, PC Blog Which Tattoo Colors can be Effectively Removed?

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According to recent studies, twenty percent of adults who have tattoos regret getting the ink. Whether you’re ashamed of your tattoo or have simply outgrown the rebellious years of your youth, we have a solution for you. Advanced Dermatology specializes in laser tattoo removal, a safe and effective method which breaks down sections of pigment in your skin. Machinery relies on the delegation of wavelengths to target certain areas of coloration. This factor lends to the greater effectiveness of laser technology on specific tattoo colors as opposed to others.

The Light Absorption Spectra
Each color, or segment of a tattoo responds to laser removal by absorbing waves of light which serve to break down the ink, little by little. This process is known as the light absorption spectra and certain colors react differently depending on their particular nature. For instance, dark colors such as black or blue are easier to remove because their color composure falls into the spectra. Brighter colors like pastels, yellows and reds are more difficult to treat because their structure falls outside of the light absorption spectra. Every color responds differently to a matched wavelength and the process is just as unique as when you first received your troublesome ink.

Stubborn Ink
Though we do our best to remove the majority of tattoos, there are always a few which slip out of our reach. Truth be told, the technology just isn’t there yet. Laser machinery performs remarkable tricks and minimizes the appearance of most embarrassing tattoos, but there are few colors it cannot reach. Due to the aforementioned color spectra certain color schemes are unable to be removed. Yellow, beige, white and flesh colored ink are there to stay as are the majority of newer dyes on the market.

Our Impressive Technology
While it is indeed true certain colors will take longer to remove than others, our team has found a way around that. This innovative tool helps us rid you of your awful art in just a few sessions and is able to target yellows and reds. Advanced Dermatology proudly features the PicoSure laser, technology designed to treat and remove stubborn tattoos more thoroughly than ever before. We can successfully remove a spectrum of bright colors with the latest technology. The impressive pulse speed breaks down tattoo pigment utilizing sound waves which allow white blood cells to evacuate the pigment faster than its predecessor.

Visiting Advanced Dermatology for your Ink Removal
Do you have a tattoo you’d like removed? We perform removal procedures right in our office and would love to help you eliminate your ink. Please contact us today to schedule your consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists.

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