What Can You Do About Spider Veins?

Advanced Dermatology, PC Blog What Can You Do About Spider Veins?

Spider veins are a nuisance to the eye and can sometimes indicate underlying medical problems. These web-like blemishes on your skin may have started as just some tiny spidery lines, but over time they can grow and become more unsightly. They may even indicate that you are having circulatory problems.

Why Do Spider Veins Form? 

The circulatory system pumps the blood throughout the body to deliver nutrients and oxygen that your organs need to function. Once your organs are nourished, your veins will carry the blood back to the heart to receive more nutrients for dispersion. When blood is forced to flow upward against the force of gravity, as it does in the legs, the one-way valves in your veins can malfunction. The blood backs up and causes spider veins and varicose veins in more severe cases.

Spider veins commonly arise on legs and faces, which is a cosmetic worry for many who have them. Genetics, physical trauma, illness, sun exposure, hormones, nutrition, and extended sitting or standing can cause spider veins. The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery informs us that most people will experience some vein malfunction throughout their lives. Women are more likely to develop spider veins due to hormones: over forty percent of women endure vein issues, with 4 out of 5 women having difficulties by the time they reach 80 years of age.

How To Fight Spider Veins

  1. Sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen will not only protect your skin from sun damage, premature aging, and skin cancer, but it can help keep your circulatory system safe as well. SPF helps block out damaging UV rays that can promote spider vein formation.
  2. Stretch out. Crossing your legs disrupts blood flow, which can cause blood to pool and damage blood vessels. When your vein valves and walls are weakened, spider and varicose veins can take hold.
  3. Move it. Exercise is key to keeping your cardiovascular system healthy. Try to move around as much as possible during the day, taking leisurely strolls around the office if necessary to get the blood flowing. As a general rule, try not to stay seated for more than 30 minutes at a time.
  4. Raise them. Everyone deserves some relaxation time, and when done correctly it can help your veins as much as your mindset. The next time you kick back and relax on the couch, put your feet up to help relieve blood pressure and drain blood back to the heart.
  5. Step right. No matter what you do, you need to make sure you’re doing it in the right shoes! Leave your high heels at home and purchase a good pair of comfortable flats or sneakers. Keeping the pressure off your feet can make a world of difference.

If you’re concerned about spider veins, powerful treatment options are available if you want to minimize their impact. Get in contact with Dr. Gallagher at Island Vein Specialists for a consultation, and set yourself on the road to removing unsightly spider veins.

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