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The Best way to get fuller hair

More than 75 percent of women say they’d like their hair to appear thicker, according to research from Procter & Gamble. But hormonal fluctuations, free-radical damage from pollution and modern styling methods are standing in our way.” These culprits can shrinks hair follicles, causing strands to grow back thinner and weaker.” Explain Ken Washenik, M.D., Ph.D. professor of dermatology at New York University School of Medicine. Fortunately it’s now possible to prevent and even reverse this thinning. We interviewed the top hair-care scientist, reviewed the medical literature and sampled the latest products to bring you the best ways recapture and maintain full mane.

The best stand thinker
Pantene Pro-V Full & Thick Collection

Amp up volume and prevent further thinning with Pantene Pro-V Full & Think Shampoo and Conditioner $4.59 each, at drugstores, proven to thicken tresses by 35 percent in two weeks, according to company-funded studies. The secret is a combination of six amino acids and special polymers called Polyquaternium-10. These strengthening aminos, including lysine and tyrosine, are naturally present in hair, but chemicals and styling deplete them, resulting in weak strands that break off. Pantene’s formula replaces them to fortify hair against further damage. At the same time, The polymers are deposited onto the hair shaft, where they are repel each other, separating locks for a fuller appearance.

Testers Consensus (- -) Product smelled pleasant and felt rich and thick. Noticed more volume , but made hair slightly to tangling

The best follicle stimulator
Woman’s Rogane

At last, an OTC product designed specially for women has been categorically proven to reverse hair loss. Women’s Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment ($44.99 for a three month supply,at When applied twice daily, the cream enlarges follicles that have shrunk due to hormonal activity, prolonging hair’s growth cycle and reversing the thinning process. In clinical studies conducted by the company, women using the product noticed a 60 percent, increase in regrowth in four months. The secret is Rogaine’s 2 percent concentration of the drug minoxidil. Originally used to treat high blood presure it’s now the only FDA-approved hair-growth stimulator. When used twice daily, one bottle lasts approximately a month. The product must be used continuously to maintain regrowth.

Testers Consensus (- – -) Gets a little messy when it drips on the forehead and has a slight alcohol odor, but it definitely delivers as promised. Results are noticeable in two weeks.
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– – – So good its worth a special trip to store.
– – Great results- next time you’re out shopping , pick this up.
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The Best Strengthening nutrient

Thinning hair beware, Scientist have discovered the single nutrient vital to strengthening strands and stimulating follicles biotin. “Biotin boosts the production of keratin, a protein that makes up more than 90 percent of a hair strand and is essential to the structural integrity of hair.” Says Joshua Fox M.D director of Advanced Dermatologist in Fresh Medos. New York. In fact, a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that subjects with alopecia hiar loss who consumed 200 neg of biotin daily saw gradual regrowth of healthy hair and no recurrence of loss. Try GNC Women’s Boitin 2,500 mcg 824.99 for 120 capsules. At

Testers Consensus (*) Within one week of consumption, hair breakage has decreased slightly but no major results are obvious.

Researchers investigating a pill to reverse gray hair.

Restoring hair’s natural color without dye may soon be possible with a pill, suggest researchers at L’Oreal in Clichy, France. They found that the depletion of pigments cells, which can cause graying, occurs in cells that don’t produce the TRP-2 enzyme. By discovering what causes the depletion of this enzyme, scientists believe they may be able to develop a pill to halt, and perhaps reverse, the graying process. The researchers hope to have a product on the market soon.

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