Smoking Signifcantly Increases Facial Aging

Advanced Dermatology, PC Blog Smoking Signifcantly Increases Facial Aging

The risks and downsides of smoking are already well-known. Not only do smokers increase their risk of developing cancer, they also are more likely to develop breathing problems later in life, not to mention the smell of cigarettes is highly unpleasant to others. Although this is not so surprising, a recent twin study recently showed that smoking also accelerates the rate at which one’s face ages. How were these findings discovered?

79 Twins Studied, Of Varying Smoker’s Levels

Consisting of 79 pairs of identical twins, the study was conducted at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. On average, the twins were 48 years old and 57 of these pairs were female. Within each set of twins, one smoked a minimum of five years longer than the other, but otherwise led similar lifestyles. What specifically was studied in these twins?

It’s All in the Face!

Physicians were presented with photographs of each twin’s face and were asked to identify which twin was the smoker (or the longer-term smoker). For the most part, the physicians were able to easily notice who was the smoker. Those who smoked (or smoked longer) had more sagging within the upper eyelids, more dramatic nasolabial folds, and more wrinkles under the eyes. In cases where both twins smoked, the one who had been smoking for at least five years longer showed significantly more signs of facial aging.

Treatments for Facial Aging

Previously, anyone seeking treatment for facial aging needed to undergo plastic surgery. Between the costs, downtime and associated risks, many did not qualify for plastic surgery. Today, a full range of minimally-invasive anti-aging treatment options are available. Botox and injectable fillers can reduce wrinkles and restore facial volume. Other treatment options includes lasers such as Fraxel and Pixel, or Ulthera skin tightening. Compared to plastic surgery, the aforementioned treatment options are more affordable, less invasive, and require significantly less (or in some cases, no) downtime. There’s a minimally-invasive treatment for nearly every type of facial aging.

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