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Skin Care Mistake: Sleeping with Makeup

Skin Care Mistake: Sleeping with Makeup

Woman washing faceMost women have slept in their makeup at least once or twice. Sleeping in your favorite foundation or mascara seems harmless, right? Wrong! This makeup mistake can do some serious damage to the skin! Breaking your face washing routine just once can have negative effects on your complexion.

Side Effects

The skin is exposed to a lot of pollution throughout the day. Pollution and free radicals stick to the face more when you’re wearing makeup. If the makeup is not removed, the harsh chemicals stay on the face and cause damage while you sleep. The more you sleep in your makeup, the greater the damage is to the skin. Like every other part of the body, the skin has a function. The skin renews while we sleep. Sleeping in makeup prevents the skin from renewing itself. It can cause infection, larger pores, acne, and premature aging.


One third of women in the U.S sleep in their makeup. However, unlike a lot of bad habits this one is easy to correct. To prevent premature aging, acne, larger pores, and infection, always wash your face every night before bed to remove all makeup.

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