Self-Examination for Suspicious Moles

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Because skin cancer is on the rise, you should undergo a thorough examination by a healthcare expert annually. In addition to yearly skin checks, it’s also a great idea to understand how to examine yourself with a strange looking mole. The Skin Care Center of America suggests designating one day a month to thoroughly check your body over for irregularities. The ideal time for this task is following your shower routine and, of course, where plenty of light is present. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to look for, the experts at Advanced Dermatology have gathered a few tips.

Examine yourself for anything new:

  • A mole which stands out from other moles
  • A discolored, red or dark flaky area which is slightly raised
  • A hard bump which appears flesh-colored
  • Change in appearance of an existing mole
  • A sore which remains irritated and never seems to heal

Check your body from head to toe:

  • Skin cancer can be found on any area of the body, that’s why it’s important to examine your face, neck, ears and scalp for abnormalities. You may need a friend’s help for this one.
  • Position yourself in front of a full length mirror and rotate so you can see the entire front and back of your body.
  • Bend your elbows, check under your fingernails, hands and underneath the arms and forearms.
  • Go over your feet, toenails and heels with the palms of your hand.

Being suspicious can be healthy

Contrary to what you’ve been told, sometimes it pays to worry, just a little. Spotting a mole and being able to self diagnose it leads to earlier treatment and a better chance of recovery. Following your home exams, it is important to take detailed notes and keep track of any changes in your body. Examining your skin monthly will help you learn the landscape of your body so that you will be alert when something does not look right. If something seems a bit off, see your doctor in a timely manner for an early diagnosis. Your dermatologist will examine your mole and provide a biopsy to determine if the lesion is cancerous.

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