Seasonal Skin Rash? Stay Ahead of Your Autumn Allergies

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The long, hot, days of summer are finally coming to an end. School is back in session, the leaves are changing colors, mosquitoes are biting less and jackets and boots are coming out of storage. Although the change of season brings pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking and scarves back into our lives, it can also bring unwanted allergies. Many people think allergies only crop up during springtime, but with ragweed blowing in the wind, mold growing in damp areas and dust mites ever present, we just can’t seem to get away from allergies and irritating skin rashes. Luckily, Advanced Dermatology our medical dermatologists has have some tips to help you prevent and manage your autumn allergies.

Understand Your Skin

When it comes to seasonal allergies, many people do not know that pollen or ragweed can cause irritations on the skin. This is not the most common allergy during this time, but several people will notice itchiness or redness on various areas of the skin. Pollen can come into contact with different areas of exposed skin; because of this, excessive itching may occur and a skin rash may develop. For some people, hives may even appear. Knowing how your skin reacts to the diverse changes in the quality of air come autumn can help you get ahead of skin rashes. Ideally, no exposure to irritants and allergens would work best, but that is not always a viable option. Knowing your skin and how it changes with the seasons is extremely helpful. We want to be able to keep living our lives, but in the healthiest and most comfortable way.

Quick Tips to Help Prevent Skin Rashes

If your skin is being affected by the change of season, you do not need to suffer in silence. There are a few things that you can do that can help soothe and heal your skin rash.

Change and wash your clothing: After spending time outside change your clothes and launder the articles previously worn.

Shower: Showering can help lessen the effect of allergy ridden substances on your skin.

Take allergy medication: Over the counter allergy medications can help, but ask a doctor to know which one is right for you.

Disinfect surfaces: Disinfecting surfaces can reduce contact with allergens.

Keep your windows closed: This can help prevent pollen/ragweed from entering your home and finding its way to your skin or bedding.

Use aloe vera gel: Aloe vera gel can help with comfort and reduce inflammation and irritation of affected areas.

Modify outfits: Wear long pants and jackets while outside, this can hinder pollen from reaching the skin.

A few small changes to your lifestyle during autumn can really make a tremendous difference. So give a few a try and see how much better the fall feels with your allergies under control!

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