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Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. shares his secret to dry underarms.

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, can be a source of embarrassment. If you suffer from uncontrollable sweating, you know that antiperspirants are not enough to protect you from your overactive sweat glands. Former model and General Hospital star Antonio Sabato Jr. discovered the way to control underarm sweating–and prevent those unsightly pit stains. The miraDry treatment is an innovative, FDA-cleared technology that targets sweat and odor glands and eliminates them.

Excessive sweating is a treatable condition that affects millions of men and women.

We produce sweat to regulate body temperature. Under normal circumstances, a person sweats when the body is overheated–such as during a workout or period of physical exertion. Stress or anxiety can also trigger sweating. Those beads of moisture cool the body down and restores temperature equilibrium.

When profuse sweating occurs for no obvious reason in the underarms, palms or feet, it can be a sign of hyperhidrosis disorder, a condition that can interfere with a person’s daily life. Individuals who perspire excessively may have to change clothes during the day to keep dry. The precise cause of hyperhidrosis is unknown, but it is noted that genetic factors may play a role. Fortunately, there are surgical and non-surgical options that can help people find relief.

miraDry is a non-surgical treatment that can halt hyperhidrosis, reduce odor, and boost confidence.

A miraDry treatment at Advanced Dermatology is a fast and painless procedure. To increase patient comfort, the underarm area is numbed prior to treatment. During a treatment, one of our qualified dermatologists will place the handheld device on the surface of the skin. A suction mechanism brings the skin and glands in closer contact with device, enabling the efficient delivery of electromagnetic energy. When the energy penetrates the skin, it safely destroys the sweat glands.

A miraDry treatment can be performed in an hour and most patients do not require any downtime. After the procedure, patients can expect to experience slight soreness after treatment. These symptoms can persist for about 2-3 weeks.

Many patients will see optimal results after just one treatment. A miraDry treatment can:

  • Stop excessive sweating by permanently getting rid of sweat and odor glands
  • Eliminate the need for antiperspirants and deodorants
  • Prevent sweat stains from ruining clothes
  • Yield immediate and long-lasting results

The miraDry treatment is only cleared for use in the underarm area. It should not be used to treat hyperhidrosis in other areas of the body, such as the palms and feet.

Your miraDry Consultation at Advanced Dermatology

At Advanced Dermatology, we offer the most advanced solutions to controlling underarm sweat. A miraDry treatment can provide many patients with a convenient way to stay dry. If you would like to learn more about how you can combat hyperhidrosis, contact one of our New York and New Jersey locations to schedule a consultation. Our offices are conveniently located throughout the greater New York metropolitan area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester, and Suffolk County.

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