PCP’s Choose Derms for Most Skin Procedures

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Physicians today offer a wide range of services not necessarily related to their main specialty; as a result, choosing the most qualified physician for a given procedure can be highly confusing. Individuals often turn to their PCP (primary care physician) for assistance in selecting a specialist. According to a recent study, PCPs recommended dermatologists for most skin procedures. What did the study entail, and for which procedures were dermatologists recommended?

Most Valued Source of Medical Advice Surveyed

It only made sense for the study to survey PCPs, since most patients turn to them first for trustworthy medical advice. A group of 561 PCPs were asked which specialist they would recommend for BOTOX and injectable fillers, facial lesion evaluation and biopsy, laser skin procedures, and skin cancer surgery. For all the above procedures, over 50 percent of the physicians surveyed selected dermatologists as the most qualified specialist. In contrast, individuals outside of the medical industry were more likely to select a plastic surgeon for most of the above procedures.

Experience Matters Above Everything Else

Regardless of a physician’s specialty or title, their experience with a given procedure matters most. When selecting a specialist, patients must remember to ask how many times they have performed their desired procedure and whether they have undergone specialized training. To ensure a successful procedure and recovery, it is important to select the most qualified physician. Patients should also choose board-certified physicians, who have undergone extensive training.

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