Negative first impressions for rosacea sufferers

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Those who suffer from rosacea are often judged negatively after a first impression, according to a survey by the National Rosacea Society. According to the survey, 90% of rosacea sufferers say that the effects of rosacea on their appearance had lowered their self-esteem. Many people who suffer from rosacea avoid certain situations because of embarrassment about their skin condition. In America over 16 million people have rosacea and yet many of us are unaware of what the condition is and how it can be treated. Some people with mild forms of rosacea may not even be aware they have a skin condition.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin disorder primarily affecting the face, which has a main symptom of persistent redness. Additional symptoms may include blood vessels becoming visible, bumps and pimples forming, skin thickening especially around the nose, and eye irritation causing the eyes to become bloodshot. Those most likely to be affected by rosacea have fair skin and flush or blush easily. The causes of rosacea are not known and there is no cure although genetics may play a role, as those with family members who have rosacea are more likely to have the condition. Various therapies exist to reduce the symptoms and improve the appearance of skin.


A physician often prescribes oral and topical treatments initially after someone is diagnosed with rosacea. Topical and oral treatments can reduce the bumps and pimples associated with the condition as well as the facial redness. Laser or other light treatments may also be used. The thickening skin on the nose may be removed with lasers or dermabrasion. Do not try to treat your rosacea with harsh acne treatments just because it looks similar to acne. These will only make the condition worse and since rosacea is not the same as acne it needs to be treated differently.
Female face, before and after Rosacea treatment, front view

Since the triggers of rosacea flare-ups can vary between individuals it can be helpful to keep a journal and determine if there are certain foods or beverages that may responsible. Sunlight and stress can also be triggers for rosacea flare-ups. If rosacea is not treated early it tends to get worse so if you think you might have it see a dermatologist right away. A dermatologist will discuss your treatment options and help you develop a skin care plan that works for you.

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