Myths and Truths Behind Facial Hair in Women

Advanced Dermatology, PC Blog Myths and Truths Behind Facial Hair in Women

A smooth, ultimately hairless face goes a long way to promote your beauty and boost confidence levels. Unfortunately, sometimes mother nature has other ideas in mind which may add a little extra work to your daily routine. Over twenty million women purchase over the counter depilatory products annually, in an effort to remove the hairy situation from their lives once and for all. For women struggling with unwanted facial hair and unsatisfactory solutions, Advanced Dermatology has a few suggestions to help separate the truth from the lies.

Shaving is a double edged sword
Though most believe shaving facial hair causes the fuzz to grow back thicker, this is simply untrue.Taking a razor to your face cannot alter the coarseness, pattern, color or rate of hair growth. Your facial hair is four layers deep and simply brushing over hair at the skin’s surface will not yield long term results. This misconception stems from the blunt tip revealed after a shave and though it’s inaccurate, shaving at home will not provide you with the best results. Whether you’re trying to get rid of a little peach fuzz above the lip, or those stubborn chin hairs, they are likely to grow in roughly and create disappointing results. For a smoother, happier face, we recommend waxing, threading and depilatory creams.

Household razors don’t offer effective exfoliation
Everyone wants softer skin, but the amount of time it requires to achieve your goal with a razor simply isn’t worth it. While many believe shaving offers an exfoliation effect, the process can also create irritation, ingrown hairs and painful abrasions. Since excessive facial hair growth is normally a result of hormonal changes, we’ve found Dermaplaning to be a successful technique for effective exfoliation and hair removal. During the painless process, our expert dermatologist utilizes a sharp tool to eliminate vellus hairs which waxing and other methods cannot otherwise reach. When a sterile, precise scalpel is used to perform the procedure, you’ll walk away with a smoother complexion.

Laser procedures aren’t for everyone
This is both true, and false. Laser hair procedures actually work best when performed on individuals with darker hair. The technology targets melanin growth, which is naturally stronger in those with brown or black hair versus blonde. Contrary to popular belief, patients do not have to shave prior to the procedure, our dedicated staff will take care of that task for you. Lasers are an excellent way to gain a smoother, hair-free face, but they do only target active hair follicles and are a treatment option which should be followed up with.

Staying informed about common hair removal misconceptions can certainly protect your face temporarily, but we know you want a more permanent solution. If you’re interested in learning about how our hair removal procedures can positively impact your life, please reach out to Advanced Dermatology today to schedule your consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists.

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