Mosquitoes vs. Humans – Love/Hate

Advanced Dermatology, PC Blog Mosquitoes vs. Humans – Love/Hate

Much to their dismay, some people are quite popular – maybe too popular – with the mosquitoes. These are the people who spend most of their time outdoors swatting at mosquitoes, often coming home covered in mosquito bites. If this is you, you may be wondering: “Why do the mosquitoes like me so much? And how do I get rid of them?”

Part Genes, Part Chemical

Preliminary research shows that genetics are 85 percent responsible for one’s attractability to mosquitoes. The remaining 15 percent can be attributed to high concentrations of certain chemicals, such as uric acid, cholesterol, lactic acid, or carbon dioxide. In some cases, mosquitoes are attracted to the sweat and chemicals produced by certain people. Mosquitoes can smell their targets from as far as 164 feet away, making it difficult to maintain a comfortable distance from them. So then what can be done to repel mosquitoes?

Keep ‘Em Away!

Certain measures can be taken to reduce your attractability to mosquitoes. Since mosquitoes are attracted to excess amounts of carbon dioxide (which is exhaled) and lactic acid (which is found in sweat), sitting down in the shade is one way to keep the mosquitoes away. If you wish to be active outdoors, liberally applying insect repellent with DEET will let you enjoy the outdoors with minimal interruption from the mosquitoes. Some individuals dislike applying insect repellent, as they are often chemical-based; an alternative to such are mosquito traps. All of these will likely minimize – if not stop – the mosquitoes from eating you alive. We prefer the sensitive method, applying the repellant to the skin and, if desired, to your clothing and shoes. This is preferable to skin infections, horrendous bites, scarring, and severe itching.

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