Miss Tennessee Gives miraDry Thumbs Up

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Recently the reigning Miss Tennessee Hayley Lewis spoke about her experience with embarrassing sweating and how she overcame it with miraDry. Lewis said, “I was like ‘well if this is something that’s normal and a lot of people have it, why not get rid of it so you don’t have to deal with it anymore?’” Many are now considering getting miraDry to reduce their underarm sweat whether they have a condition or not. So what is miraDry and how can it help you get your sweat under control?

The miraDry procedure is an innovative treatment for excessive sweating that is long lasting. It permanently eliminates sweat glands under the arm using precise electromagnetic energy. Body odor will be reduced as well, since body odor is the result of sweat combining with bacteria on the skin. Over 90% of the 35,000 patients treated so far have been satisfied with the results. The procedure is FDA approved to treat underarm sweat, requires no incisions, and is done in only one to two treatments. Although initially used to treat people with a condition called hyperhidrosis, it is now used to treat anyone who just doesn’t want to worry about sweat anymore!

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Warmer weather is closer than you think and soon you won’t be able to hide excessive sweating under a coat or sweater. Sweat stains on clothing can be embarrassing and hinder you from doing what you want with confidence. Are you interested in stopping underarm sweat for good? Schedule a consult with one of Advanced Dermatology P.C.’s expert dermatologists today! We have conveniently located offices throughout New York including Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Westchester and offices in Ridgewood and Summit, New Jersey.

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