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Miradry is a great treatment for anyone who wants to stop underarm sweating. Since the treatment has not been available for long we still get a lot of questions from patients about how it works. You can read some frequently asked questions here. You can also reach out to our cosmetic concierge at 1-855-793-2868 for more information.

Q: Do I need to be diagnosed with hyperhidrosis to get Miradry?

A: No not at all! Anyone who wants to stop underarm sweating can get Miradry. It’s a great non-surgical way to permanently stop your underarm sweating so you no longer need to use antiperspirants.

Q: Don’t I need underarm sweat though?

A: It’s true that sweating is natural and necessary, and the main purpose of perspiration is to regulate temperature. The armpits however constitute a small percentage of your total sweat glands (only about 2%) and treating your armpits with Miradry will not alter your ability to regulate your body’s temperature.

Q: Does Miradry also help underarm odor?

A: Yes! Since odor is caused by a combination of sweat with bacteria, when the sweating stops the odor will also stop.

Q: Do I need to get injections?

A: The most common approach requires several injections into each armpit. It can be done with fewer, but you would need to be comfortable with at least a few needle injections.


Q: Can I go back to work/go out after the treatment?

A: Miradry has no downtime and patients may resume their normal activities on the same day of treatment. Expected treatment side effects may include swelling and bruising.

Q: I’m under 18 – can I still get Miradry?

A: Miradry is FDA cleared for patients over 18. That doesn’t mean younger patients can’t be treated though. Patients under 18 years of age have successfully been treated with Miradry. This is a conversation to have with your dermatologist.

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