Kelly Ripa Is Comfortable Telling the Truth About Her Cosmetic Procedures

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As reported in Page Six Style last month, actress and talk show host Kelly Ripa defended her love of Botox® and her cosmetic dermatology choices. The 51-year-old talk show presenter is accustomed to expressing her emotions publicly every morning on “Live with Kelly and Ryan”—and to seeing herself on television. “I’m not saying you should let people bully you into cosmetic procedures. These are my choices for me,” she mentioned.

Kelly Ripa Botox | Celebrity Botox

Our own plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Taglienti, MD weighed in on Ripa’s comments:
“Kelly Ripa’s opinions are indicative of a relatively new trend in cosmetic procedures – being open and honest about what you’re having done. In the past, cosmetic procedures have been performed in secret or even lied about! Now, with the ease of injectable procedures, neuromodulators (like Botox®) and fillers can be done tastefully and customized to your wants. If you look like you, but a little more refreshed, then why not own up to it?

Cosmetic Dermatology: It’s a Personal Choice

Botox can help to soften wrinkles or completely eliminate them; however, the amount that’s injected can be completely individualized. Filler can help to plump areas where lines have settled or fullness has diminished with age – like around the mouth, the lips, or cheeks, for example – and can be done to look completely natural. It’s good to know that you can still look like you – just more youthful. And, the best part is that the procedures have very little downtime and make-up can be applied almost immediately to hide any minor bruising or swelling that may result from injectables.

I pride myself on listening to my patients and helping to give them the results – whether subtle or wow factor – they desire. Having these procedures performed by a licensed professional, like a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist, with ample experience is always important to ensure you look your absolute best.”

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