How to Spot Counterfeit Products

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You may have been shopping online at some point and found that skin care product you always buy at the store for a much lower price. Your first thought may be that you’re getting a great deal because online retailers don’t have the overhead costs of a brick-and-mortar business. In most cases though if the price is too good to be true it probably is!
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Counterfeit skin care products have been found at even the most widely used online retailers. These products will often result in negative side effects such as rashes, be much less effective compared to legitimate products, or be completely ineffective. Cosmetics as well are commonly counterfeited. Remember that if an individual is dishonest enough to counterfeit a brand name product they are likely dishonest enough to use inferior ingredients as well that may be harmful to your skin.


How can you spot a fake from a good deal on an authorized product? The number one way is to always buy from an authorized reseller or physician’s office. If the product looks repackaged or is missing a seal that is usually on the product when you buy it in the store then it is likely a counterfeit. Certain products like Retin-A and other prescription medication cannot legally be sold online. Products that require prescriptions can only be purchased through a physician’s office and if you find them online you can be sure they are not legitimate. Some product websites will have approved physician locators, authorized resellers, or both.


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