How often do I need to shower to maintain good hygiene?

Advanced Dermatology, PC Blog How often do I need to shower to maintain good hygiene?

With COVID-19 changing daily routines, many people are no longer rushing to a crowded office daily anymore. This means you spend most of your day working from your home office, with no one to see you in person. It’s tempting to forgo a daily showering ritual if you are stuck in quarantine, but how long can you get away with not showering?

Our dermatology experts have weighed in on this and confirmed that several factors are at play. Dr. Joshua Fox, MD, FAAD has observed “When you shower, your skin can lose essential oils if submerged in water for some time. You will find your fingertips wrinkly, like a raisin. Do you want to be a raisin or a succulent delicious grape? If someone showers at least twice a week, it should keep your skin very healthy.”

“Keeping your skin clean can also depend on other things, like whether we sweat a lot, are physically active, are prone to clogged pores and acne, or even desire to be in the company of others,” explains Dr. Fox. 

Having a robust, healthy immune system is vital right now in protecting us from contracting this virus. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you exercise or workout at home?
  • Is your skin very oily?
  • Do you sweat a lot?
  • Do you care if you have a strong body odor?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, it might be a good idea for you to bathe. So, what can happen if you did not follow this hygienic routine at least two times a week? The most common effects are:

  • Breakouts (acne, boils, and abscesses) which can cause scarring
  • Flare-ups (Atopic Dermatitis)
  • Increased body odor
  • Fungal infections

It’s your choice how often you shower, but if you have any problems with the condition of your skin, let us at Advanced Dermatology know your concerns. Any Questions? Let us know today

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