Extreme Scars: Stop a Keloid from Growing

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Ideally, scars should become less prominent as time goes on. But what about those scars that won’t fade, or worse, that actually enlarge?

Keloid scars, often referred to as keloids, are fibrous growths that form when scar tissue grows in large quantities. This excessive scar tissue is usually hard, irregular, and smooth. Keloids are normally larger than the original skin abrasion and can sometimes take several weeks to develop. While they commonly appear on the shoulders, chest, cheeks and earlobes, keloids can be found anywhere on the body. Because keloids continue to grow after being removed, they can be difficult to treat. The good news is there are new effective treatment options for keloid scars.

Keloids arise when the skin doesn’t turn off its healing response.

Keloids can result from an injury to the skin, including surgery, cosmetic procedure, or slight skin damage from, for example, ear piercing, acne or chickenpox scars. When the skin is injured, scar tissue begins to grow over the wound to protect the skin. However, in the case of keloids the scar tissue overgrows.

Is it a keloid or another type of scar?

Keloid scars are not harmful to a person’s health, however they can be a cosmetic nuisance and in some cases cause discomfort. Normally keloids are a pink, red or flesh-colored raised scar that continues to grow over time. Sometimes the keloids can be an itchy patch of skin. In certain extreme cases the keloids may grow large enough to cause restriction of movement. For more information on keloids, as well as other types of scars and their formation, see our detailed guide to scars.

Laser therapy can help stop keloids from growing.

Until now traditional keloid treatment options tended to be painful and ineffective, in addition to causing unwanted side effects. The highly experienced team of dermatologists at Advanced Dermatology is pleased to offer Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT-100) as an extremely effective treatment method for keloid scars. Although keloids were once considered complicated to treat, the SRT Laser offers an innovative and effective treatment option. Furthermore, the SRT is a painless and safe way to remove keloids.

The SRT Laser inhibits the production of excess collagen.

With a cure rate of upwards of 90%, the SRT Laser specifically targets the skin on a superficial level, allowing it to destroy the cells that cause irregular, extra scar tissue–without damaging healthy tissue or any other organs. The SRT Laser is able to achieve this by using a specially calibrated low dose of superficial radiation therapy. After the keloid is excised by one of our expertly trained dermatologists, the area is treated with the SRT Laser within a 24-hour period. The SRT laser’s groundbreaking technology reduces the production of abnormal collagen, ensuring that the skin remains flat and soft during the healing process. Furthermore, multiple treatments with the SRT Laser can bring the keloid recurrence rate to 10% or lower.

Advanced Dermatology makes patient safety and satisfaction a top priority. With several office locations, Advanced Dermatology’s highly skilled dermatologists can provide patients in both the New York and New Jersey areas with expert care. For more information on how the SRT laser can help eliminate an unsightly keloid scar, do not hesitate to contact the office nearest you.

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