Exercise Still Necessary After Lipo

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Liposuction is a common plastic surgery procedure that is performed to remove excess body fat. Doctors typically recommend that patients continue exercising after recovery to maintain their results. Now a recent study is suggesting that liposuction may actually prompt the body to try and replace this recently-lost fat. Can exercise effectively counter the body’s natural fat replacement actions?

Liposuction Not Enough for Fat Loss

The University of Sao Paulo studied 36 women who underwent liposuction to remove small sections of abdominal fat. After 2 months of recovery, the women were randomly divided into groups that were prescribed either 4 months of exercise or 4 months of no exercise. Six months later, the women that did not exercise showed a 10-percent increase in visceral fat and less energy than the group that did exercise. What do these results mean?

Nothing Replaces Exercise

Exercise is highly beneficial to everyone, regardless of their weight. These findings further that notion, showing that there is no magic method to “make the fat disappear.” Physicians should therefore continue recommending exercise and dieting to patients, even after cosmetic surgery. Patients, however, can still benefit from plastic surgery, as some sections of the body remain stubborn to even the most aggressive diet and exercise routines.

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